Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Why You Should Never Get in a Car With Me (The Girl Behind the Blog - On Location!)

Hi friends! 

Today we head home from our vacation in Alberta, Canada. I'm excited to share with you soon about our trip, although it didn't go exactly as we had planned. Two words: stomach flu. But in His usual faithful fashion, God showed me a thing or two through this time. Also, once we were well, we had a wonderful time and got to see some BREATHTAKING scenery in Banff. Lots of pictures will be coming your way soon!

I wanted to share a piece of the insanely beautiful creation that we experienced, so my Girl Behind the Blog video was shot by the lake in Banff! I'm sorry for the wind in the background, it couldn't be helped. But I think you will forget about the wind once you see the amazing scenery. Oh, and once you hear about what an idiot I am :) It's a short video today, and I hope you enjoy it!

Music: Kathryn Scott "When I Survey the Wondrous Cross"

Anyone else as directionally challenged as me? I'd love to hear your stories in the comments! I need to know that I'm not alone in my driving issues. Well, maybe no one is as bad as I am, but feel free to humor me. I wish I could blame my bad sense of direction on my lack of height...but those two things don't really correlate. Wait - can I really even see where I'm driving? Maybe I should look into that...

Feel free to shoot your own video sharing a funny or embarrassing story, and click the picture below to link up with this month's hosts, Ashley and Julie.


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  1. Haha oh my gosh, I hate parking garages!! My first time driving our church's 15 passenger van I got it stuck in one. Loved your beautiful location this time :)

  2. I am VERY directionally challenged! But I chose not to use any of those embarrassing stories on my vlog! lol! Loved your story! That's something I would do for sure!

    What beautiful scenery behind you!! =)

  3. ohhhh. that totally sounds like something i would do. how humiliating just driving around not being able to find the exit. I would have been crying too. one time i ran out of gas on the freeway and everyone i knew was unavailable so i had to call the police and they had to come push my car off the freeway with his car. SO embarrassing...yes, i was crying too.. thanks for linking up mackenzie =) you are always so cute!

  4. oh how sad! haha I totally get it though. That can be so overwhelming! I love that background by the way! What a beautiful place!

  5. That is such a beautiful background I could barely concentrate on your funny story! ;)

  6. I am so directionally challenged, I hate it! I get so nervous if I'm driving and someone other than my kids is in the car. If they ask me why I'm going a certain way or whether another way would be better I panic and then can't remember how to get to where I'm going! hee hee

    You were in Banff! That is my husband's and my favorite place to be :) We had our first date there and he proposed there as well.

  7. haha that was hilarious! Sorry i'm laughing at your expense, but that sounds like something I would do!!! Wow, I love the view too.

  8. WOW! What a beautiful background! It doesn't even look real! And girl, I have been lost in parking garages so many times! Hahaha the worst is getting lost without your car, not remembering where you parked. I hate parking in parking garages!

  9. LOL awesome! I've gotten nervous of doing something like that in a parking garage, but thankfully haven't yet =)

  10. TOTALLY UNDERSTAND!!! NEVER TRUST THE ARROWS. Thats my theory about parking garages anyway =) =)
    Love the scenery, totally jealous....although it does look pretty cold.
    Glad you guys have had a great trip!
    Much Love,

  11. Hahaha. Too funny..I can relate though! I used to be really really bad with directions. One time I was headed to my grandparents' house and took my exit off the highway, but instead of turning right like I needed to, for some reason I turned left and then ended up 10 miles from where I needed to be, and completely lost. They also had to come find me, and thankfully they knew exactly where I was from landmarks, but I felt stupid from getting so lost after 1 wrong turn. Hah!

  12. I always get lost. Do not even worry. I get lost no matter where I go!

    Lake Banff looks so pretty! Where is that at?

    Heres the link to my embarrassing story ;)

  13. Oh dear, you poor thing! There's not so many lots as on the street parking in my little town; I'm thankful! I'm happy to drive but parking... not so much. Glad you made it out eventually!

  14. Oh girl I totally feel for you! Glad you got out of that elusive parking garage! xoxo

  15. haha such a funny story. sounds like something i would do :-)

  16. Oh wow! I totally identify with you! I get lost soooo easily. I'm so blessed to have a husband who is good with directions. =)
    Alesha <3

  17. hahah awwww. that is so funny! i am spot on with directions all the time but can see how parking garages could be pretty confusing ;) haha you are adorable!


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