Friday, November 16, 2012

That One Friend (And An Awesome Healthy Cookbook!)

Do you have one of those friends who just gets you? Who knew you in your completely awkward phases, and yet still loved you? Or who cried with you when you got your heart broken, and stood by your side when you got married? A tried and true, loyal friend - more like a sister? 

My friend Carly is one such friend, and I am so blessed by her friendship. Though I love my life as a mom, I enjoy vicariously living through Carly's passionate and driven life! On top of having several health degrees & certifications, she's also in the middle of training to be a midwife. I think that's probably the coolest job ever. (Meeting brand new people for a living?! Talk about cool.) Carly even assisted in the birth of one of my nephews! Whenever Carly tells me about her training, I get ridiculously excited and ask her way too many questions. But I love having a friend that I'm just so proud of and excited about how the Lord is working in and through her!

I believe in Carly so much, and I am overjoyed that she gets to share an awesome endeavor with you. So if you like healthy, delicious food (and want to encourage someone as they purse God's call on their life), read on! Oh and if you like babies too...

Hi everyone!! First, can I just say that Mackenzie is awesome?! Not just for her amazing mommy skills, but for her extreme love for the Lord and others. I have been blessed to have Mackenzie in my life for about 9 years!! That is kind of insane. 

A little about me…My name is Carly and I am currently pursuing God’s call in my life to become a midwife. I never could have imagined that this would be where God wanted me to serve, but so far I love the journey. I am local to the Seattle area and will be heading to El Paso, TX in February to complete my midwifery education at Maternidad La Luz, a birthing center and education institute serving primarily Latina women.

I was blessed with talented and generous friends and family who helped put together my very own cookbook! I am now selling these cookbooks to pay for my program at Maternidad La Luz. They are $20 and every penny will go towards my training. The cook book is full of my favorite, healthy, vegetarian recipes.

I am excited to follow this call, and use my knowledge as a midwife to love women during labor and the birth of their babies. There is a worldwide shortage for trained midwives and by purchasing a cook book you will be contributing to this global issue!

Carly has pursued health education since college. She has her Bachelor's of Science in Community Health from Western Washington University and is a Certified Health Education Specialist. Carly recently spent 2 years working with The Hope Heart Institute as an Outreach Coordinator, to spread awareness about heart disease prevention and healthy living. She has attended various national conferences put on by the American Public Health Association, and the National Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance. This fall, she completed a three month intensive midwifery course with Mercy in Action, a non-profit that trains midwives and provides safe and free maternal care to women in the Philippines. During college and the years after, she utilized her Spanish language skills to provide health education and volunteer work to communities in rural Guatemala over multiple visits. Her goals to become a midwife have stemmed from a long-standing passion to serve others and improve health outcomes on a global level.
Doesn't this cookbook sound awesome? All of these recipes were created with both health and great flavor in mind. I'm especially excited about the portobello mushroom burger recipe, and the morning oat and egg cakes recipe! There seems to be a dish for everyone!

If you're interested in purchasing a cookbook, you can buy one HERE! They would make a great holiday present! Also, Carly's cookbook will also be featured in my Holiday Giveaway & Gift Guide, so one of you guys will be lucky enough to get a copy for free!

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