Monday, November 26, 2012

She's A Lot Like Me

I have a friend, whose name is best kept off the internet. She's a young mom, just like me. She loves to spend time with her friends, meet new people, and work hard to support her family. She's a single parent, has the pressure of raising a child on her shoulders, and yet still has some pretty awesome goals for her life. She's beautiful and sweet as can be.

This is the picture of many of the women who are involved in the sex industry.

I don't pretend to know an incredible amount about the sex industry. But I have been privileged to have spent time with some of the women involved in this industry; both those who are currently employed as sex workers, and those who have been given a second chance at life. I do know that these women are a lot like me, and like you. They have dreams, they love their family and friends, and they want to do something great with their lives.

When I heard about FashionABLE, I was filled with hope. FashionABLE, a non profit that sells beautiful scarves, is "committed to the development of people.*" They work with women who have "been exploited due to the effects of poverty." They create jobs and sustainable business for women who are much like the friend I mentioned earlier. They are empowering these women and helping to 

The scarf I'm wearing is called "Saba", named after one of the women who has been empowered by FashionABLE. You can read Saba's story here.

I've asked myself before, "How will anything I do actually effect change in the huge issue that is the sex industry?"

FashionABLE wants to give you the opportunity to make a difference. 
You CAN help to change the lives of these women.

When you purchase a scarf from FashionABLE, you are directly effecting the lives of these women. To summarize their website, your purchase of a scarf helps to sustain & create jobs, rehabilite women, provide more job training, and bring restoration and dignity to the lives of real women. Pretty incredible what the click of a mouse can do, huh?

Today only, FashionABLE is offering FREE shipping. I'm pretty sure that you should take advantage of that! I wear my scarf all the time, and I can't wait to buy another one. They would make an amazing gift (but I bet you'll also want one for yourself!).

I ask that you would take a minute to visit FashionABLE's website. Browse their scarf collection, read the stories of the women involved, and see how you can make a difference.

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*Quotes from FashionABLE's website.
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