Monday, November 12, 2012

My Non-Glamorous, But Beautiful, Life

While I'd love to pretend that my life is glamorous, and that I'm the perfect wife and mom - that would be a big fat lie. Unwashed "3rd-day hair" is my best friend, I apologize to Brian for my snarky attitude about 5 times a day, and Nicholas eats an ungodly amount of cheerios in order to stay happy. I bet a few of you can relate with those things! :) Even though daily life isn't picturesque, it can still be so beautiful. And I want to embrace the quirky, funny, and sometimes smelly, moments that make my life beautiful.

 So, I thought I'd share some of the real moments of our week!

This might seem like any other picture of bath time...

....and then this happened. My husband titled this next picture "A day in the life."

Motherhood is often messy, but in the most wonderful way. My friend Kara-Kae from The Mom Diggity is starting a monthly Messy Motherhood link-up, as a place for moms to "meet each other right where we are." Isn't that an awesome idea? I'm excited for this to begin! (And isn't "The Mom Diggity" the coolest blog name ever? I'm kinda sad she thought of it first.)

Next, please enjoy my scrunchy-faced child using our dirty laundry hamper as a walker. Please also enjoy the mounds of junk in the background on my kitchen table. We are obviously neat freaks.

I couldn't resist sharing how proud Nicholas was of getting candy on halloween. He loved reaching for the candy out of the bowl.
But let's be honest - it's too bad he didn't get to enjoy any of that candy. I sure enjoyed all most of it.

While we're on the topic of keeping it real, I was so encouraged by this piece from Jessi Connolly on failing in your business, blog, ministry, etc. She encourages people that it's ok to try things and fail at them. That it's ok to look back on a mistake, apologize, and learn from it. I was so blessed by this: "If you keep your area of expertise so small that you always stay an expert at it - good job, you've limited yourself to what YOU can do and possibly missed out on the vast opportunities of what God could have done through you."

Thanks Jessi for inspiring me to pursue what God puts in my heart - even if it's a little messy. This gives me hope for myself as a mother, a (dare I say) writer, a full-time ministry worker, and all the other categories that I fall into. Let's be people who aren't afraid to try, who are humble enough to apologize, and to not let failure hold us back.

Also, this boy is turning one next month. WHAT?! I definitely forgot to take his 11 month photos last week...maybe they'll be up this week? 11.5 month photos anyone?

A few nights ago I sat down to start planning his birthday party. As I perused Pinterest and Amazon, I was surprised to find myself constantly tearing up and clutching my heart. I usually get excited about each new phase that is coming, but last night I just couldn't believe I was planning a first birthday party for my son. Nicholas, you're too old buddy! 

Finally, I'll leave you with a shameless plug for my Holiday Giveaway & Gift Guide. Both bloggers and shop owners will get to be a part of a group giveaway and will be featured in a blog/gift guide on my blog ALL December long. Did I mention free ad space? I still have some spots open, so email me if you want in! (

And did I mention that it's only $10, and half of that will go towards Hurricane Sandy relief?

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday! I'd love to hear some of the ways that you are enjoying the non-picturesque, but still beautiful, moments in life!

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  1. Oh boy...that text conversation was hilarious!

    Wise words from Jessi too ;)


  2. love it...and your hubby is hilarious...sounds like something my husband would say too...I have a feeling if we ever met, you could all be star wars geeks together

    If you need any garlands or anything for his party, Ill hook you up :)

  3. I love this :) Especially the words about keeping your area of expertise so small that you never fail. It IS ok to fail. That's encouraging! And of course your adorable baby photos. 11.5 pics are totally acceptable (and I am a super credible non-mom source). Love you miss!

  4. Just started reading your blog from naptimediaries. I'm a brand new mom (5 weeks old tomorrow :-)) and it's so nice to see other moms online being real about life!

  5. That face! He's just so cute. There's no way you could get mad for him pooping in the tub :) And as far as poop on the floor goes, it's basically a daily occurrence (usually in the bathroom, next to the toilet, so close!) in our house right now because we're potty training and someone doesn't want to go on the potty. I don't get it. But oh the patience of motherhood!!

  6. Thanks for keeping it real. That boy sure is a cutie!

  7. I had to chuckle over the poop in the bathtub story, as I have had the same experience when my oldest was young.
    Just wait though ....teenage boys bathroom habits are ummmm...interesting. ;)


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