Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Messy Motherhood - Let Me Encourage You!

Today I get to share with you about 2 of my favorite things: Encouraging people and motherhood!

As part of The Mom Diggity's Messy Motherhood Link-Up, I made a vlog for you! I'm sharing with you about how I've been encouraged as a mom, and how you can encourage your friends who are moms! (So if you aren't a mom, there's still something for you in this video!)

My heart in sharing these things with you today is so that you can be encouraged. Yes, life as a mom is going to have it's difficult moments, that's no question. But there are things that can help you thrive and love motherhood, and I just wanted to share what has helped me. I've had my moments of feeling like I'm going to drown - and seeking out other moms, and the Lord, have saved me in those moments. 

Music: Jon Foreman's "Cure For the Pain"

A short recap for ya:

How I've been encouraged as a mom
- Staying connected with other mom friends! Whether it's in a mom's group, at church, talking on the phone to your sister who lives 2 states away, or even online - being intentional about talking with other moms is SO important! If you have questions about how to get involved in a mom's group, let me know!

- I also share about a super easy and AMAZINGLY encouraging book (that is less than $5!) It's called Mindset For Moms. Go buy it and read!

How to encourage other moms
- Love on their kids. Tell them what you love about their kids and be interested in their new stages and "tricks" :)

- Do something for them, without being asked! Offer to watch their kids, bring them a treat, or here's a biggy - wash their dishes. That is the way to my heart :)

If you need a mom friend to talk to, please email me or comment! I'm NO expert, but I'd love to chat and pray with you! And laugh at your poop stories.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!
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  1. I'm not currently a mom but this post and vlog was inspiring and lovely! I love on my friends who are mom's and am so excited to be a new mom someday in a few years!:) I think you're great, positive and realistic! <3 love love!

  2. Great Vlog! I found your site on Messy Motherhood link up! Cute site! Glad I stopped by!

  3. Such good and practical advice. Love your heart, Mackenzie. xo

  4. I am not a mom yet (obviously!) but I already know I want to join a moms group IMMEDIATELY! Luckily there are lots in our neighbhorhood!

  5. Loving on their kids & complimenting them is a great idea and point! I love that and hadn't thought to add that to my "encouragement to do list." ;)

  6. LOVE your heart sweet friend!!! I'm so thankful for your encouragement, thank you for sharing today and linking up!! You are an AWESOME mama!!!!!

  7. Hi Mackenzie! I wanted to let you know that I've nominated you for the Liebster Award! It is to show support for up and coming bloggers such as yourself. I hope that you can find time to participate and encourage other up and coming bloggers. Thanks so much --Liz

  8. As always, you are so fun to watch on your video! I think you hit it right on that mom's need to find each other and connect. Especially in the first year when things can quickly become so isolating! I haven't commented much lately because I'm always nursing the baby, but I've really enjoyed (and been encouraged by) your posts the past few weeks. Thanks!


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