Thursday, November 22, 2012

Love in A Hopeless Place

"God lives in the sweet and precious places, and He also can be found in the scandalous and obscene places. There is no where He is not." - Jami Nato.

Thanks Jami Nato for making me cry. (As usual. Her blog is filled with Jesus, which many times means tear-filled moments. But it's also actually quite hilarious too. A good combo!)

Jami hosting a little contest called Lets Get Praisy, in which people are sharing where they've seen Jesus in unconventional places, such as in secular music. So here's my contest entry:

I've found the Gospel in hopeless places. I've seen redemption in places where I never thought I'd find it. I'm going to share more of my story with you soon, but one of the places I most clearly saw Jesus was in a bar in Thailand. Next to the poles where women danced. Amidst the men who took them home for the night and promised them a love they wouldn't find. In the face of a friend who is a mom, just like me.

I don't say this to be crass; I say it to share that the gospel is so real and so powerful that Jesus is where we least expect Him. He's with the so-called "sinners," the ones that we are quick to judge. The ones that I am quick to judge. He loved to have meals with those who the churched openly scorned; and I think He still does that today. I know He still does that today.


I'm not really doing this post to win the Lets Get Praisy contest (although that would be fun!) :) But if you feel like voting for me, have at it! :) You can go to Jami's blog (HERE) and then comment with my number, which is #69. Something like "I vote for #69!"


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  1. I really, really love this post because it's all so true. There is NO place where God is not. How eye opening... Thank you for this!



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