Thursday, November 8, 2012

Getting Crafty On Ya: No-Sew Baby Bow Tie Tutorial

I had grand dreams of a domestic life upon finding out I was pregnant with Nicholas. In my head I became a great cook, a pediatric nurse, and a Project Runway-level seamstress. In reality, I'm an ok cook, I still call my mom for medical questions, and I can. not. sew.

But for Nicholas's first halloween, I had to go and try to be all creative. And I actually did ok! (Besides hot glueing my fingers several a few times.) He was a nerd for halloween, so I made him a little bow tie to really pull his costume together. And it was so easy to make, that I thought I would share it with you!

Because if I can make this craft look good, ANYONE can. 

- 1 adult tie (a smaller pattern will look best)
- Fabric scissors
- Tape measure or ruler
- Hot glue gun
- Something to fasten bow tie to clothing (I ended up quickly sewing the bow tie to Nicholas' sweater vest, out of lack of other supplies! But an alligator clip - or safety pin if you're brave - would probalby do the trick.

The steps:

If you want a larger bow tie, use a slightly longer piece of fabric for the base. 

For the base of the bow tie:

To add the "knot" of the bow tie:

Wrapping the "knot" fabric tightly will cinch the middle of the base's fabric, so that it looks more like a real bow tie.

AND YOU'RE DONE! (Super easy, right?) Technically the final step will be to attach the bow tie to whatever piece of clothing your child is wearing. As I mentioned before, I sewed the back of the "knot" to Nicholas's sweater vest. 

The final product, on my little nerd model :)

I'd love to hear about it if you attempt a baby bow tie from this tutorial! I'm pretty sure anyone could do it better than I could :) Now if I can find more ways to make Nicholas wear this outfit other than on halloween...
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  1. First time at your blog and just wanted to say a quick Hi and tell you that your little guy is adorable.

  2. Oh my goodness, your little nerd... just SO cute! Great tutorial, I may need to make some bowties for my little men too :)

  3. You totally just made this up? You did awesome! I love it! And what a doll he is!

  4. He is SO darn cute! Great tutorial, by the way.

  5. what a cute how-to! and you're little guy is just precious! xoxo

  6. Oh my cuteness! I need to dress Liam up like that sometime!!


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