Friday, October 12, 2012

What Does Influence Mean To You?

Happy Friday! I hope you've had a great week. I'm currently at the Influence Conference, learning from wise speakers and being encouraged by faithful women of God. (And probably so excited/nervous about meeting blog friends in real life that I'm in constant danger of peeing my pants.) I'm also hanging out with my amazing roommate Megan! I have been so excited to meet her - she's super real, we have an eerie amount of things in common, and she has such a sweet heart.

As I shared earlier this week, I've had the topic of influence on my heart this month. Megan is someone who I believe takes her influence as a wife, mother, and Christian seriously - so I'm excited for her to answer a few questions on my blog today! Please take some time to read her heart on influence, and visit her blog, Happy The Home.

You are a mom, wife, friend, etc. Do you notice ways that you are able to influence people in your everyday life?

Most definitely. I believe a person's mood definitely affects those around them. If you have a happy heart and cheerful spirit it is bound to encourage those around you. If you are grumpy and peeved, those around you will feel the tension in the air. The Lord has laid it on my heart recently to be aware of my everyday attitude, because it greatly affects those closest to me. It is when I allow the Holy Spirit to work through me and my mood that I am able to influence those around me to be the best versions of themselves and ultimately bring glory to the Lord.

What, if anything, challenges you about the fact that you have the power to influence others?

Influence is a great responsibility. In this day and age, I believe that it is very common for individuals to shy away from responsibility. Apparently we live in the "YOLO" generation. The "you only live once" generation which comes with the belief that you have to "live it up" without stopping to consider the negative consequences of irresponsible actions. Granted, some people can take "YOLO" and claim that you only live once so take advantage of your influence and positively impact those around you for the better. Unfortunately, I am not so sure the latter is the most popular way of living.

Questions that once plagued me (and still sometimes do): "What is the popular thing to do?" "Will people think I'm a weirdo?" "Will I be all alone in this venture?"

But thankfully the Lord is not finished with me yet. He is working on me and my "people-pleasing" tendencies. High school was definitely a defining time for me, my walk with Christ, and my understanding of the power of my influence in others lives. Ever since, the Lord has continually taught me that "His way" is definitely the best way. His plans are most certainly the best plans. Patience, faithfulness, and love are what He requires. Patience because we are not always going to understand the "why" or "when". Faithfulness when we feel defeated, want to give up, or take the easy way. Loving others when it is difficult  or they are distant.

Who have been big influencers in your life? How have they influenced you?

I have come across many individuals who have in some way influenced me for the better. Some I have never met and many have lived life along with me. Some have been authors such as Elizabeth Elliot, Eric & Leslie Ludy, and various other warriors of the faith. Some have been family and friends who encouraged me at my lowest of lows and rejoiced with me during life's happiest moments. Some of the biggest influencers in my life have been my husband, my mother, my grandmother, and my aunt.

Elizabeth Elliot, Eric & Leslie Ludy, and various other believer of the past or present have greatly influenced me through their writings and sermons. I am so grateful that the Lord has used these great men and women of God to change my heart, realign my priorities, and focus my attention on Him.

My husband. How this man has blessed me a hundred fold. He has influenced me in so many ways. He daily challenges me and encourages me. He knows my faults and loves me through them. He is the prime example of the love of Christ personified. I am thankful to be his wife.

My mother. My grandmother. My aunt. What encouragers! What influencers! They know my love languages and they speak them. They make me wand to be a better person and friend. What blessings. They are some of my very best friends. They have loved me from the beginning and I'm so thankful that the Lord has blessed me with such wonderful, Godly women in my life.

As a blogger, you have the unique opportunity to influence those who read your blog. How do you hope to influence your readers?

I want the love and grace of Christ to be the prime focus of my blog. I pray that my blog is a daily encouragement to my readers whether it is through writings from my heart or just pictures representing my daily blessings.  I want my blog to be a place of refreshment to those reading it. My ultimate prayer is that I don't bring glory to myself, but to bring glory to HIM.


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  1. What a sweetheart! I love both your blogs. I hope you're having an awesome time at the conference.... learn a lot and tell us about it when you get back!

  2. Love this post! Both of your blogs are such an encouragment to me : )


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