Friday, October 5, 2012


To my sister Miranda, on your 30th birthday:

I truly don't know what I would do without you in my life. You are my closest friend and I feel insanely privileged to be your little sister. You have taught me so much about TRULY loving people, and seeing the sacred gift that is inside of each person. You are generous in a way that astounds me. And you love people SO. DARN. WELL. A lot like Jesus does, in fact. You are mercy to people, you act out God's justice, and you are humble in all that you do. I want to be like you!

Thank you for believing in me. Even in junior high when I was so boy crazy that it was gross - somehow you believed that I could be more than just a tiny, rambunctious flirt. The way that you believe in me has changed me. It has caused me to think that maybe somehow God could use this absurdly small person to do something for His kingdom. So thanks sis, your dreams for me have caused me to dream too.

Getting to meet your firstborn and watch you become a mom was one of the best moments of my life:

And now being mamas together - that's better than anything I could have planned for! 

You are an incredible mom. You are patient, loving, and you just delight in your boys. You have taught me so much about purely enjoying these little people that God has given us.

It's pretty cool to have sons who were born 19 days apart; they have to be friends, even if Sam beats up on Nicholas - cuz we all know that Sam will be taller. It just runs in the family. 

I wish that I could celebrate with you today and do some awkward dancing together. It would be so awkward that somehow it would be cool (we're just like that). Happy birthday Miranda. You are an amazing friend, wife, mom, sister, and woman. I love you!
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