Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Pint-Sized Moments: When Your Lack of Height Forces You to Become Creative

This just in: I am NOT crafty. If you want a good laugh, just watch me try to cut a piece of paper. No matter how much I focus, I will cut the most wobbly line you've ever seen. A kindergardener could totally show me up.

This also means that I cannot sew. I have an awesome sewing machine that several of my friends have showed me how to use, but I have a severe lack of confidence every time I get close to a needle and thread. Sewing something just seems so permanent! But of course I had to go and buy some pants that are much, much too long for me. (Though they were purchased in the kid's section. Go figure.)

Thus, an opportunity for me to have to learn to sew arose. (Insert disgruntled sigh here.)

It only took 25 years of being too small to fit into clothes, but I finally learned how to hem a pair of jeans. 2 pairs of jeans, to be exact! (I was being ambitious.) Typically my too-long pants sit in my closet for several months before I bribe someone into hemming them for me. But I really wanted to wear my new pair of black skinny jeans, so I was forced to try my hand at sewing.

After lots of Google-ing, I came across an awesome "how to hem" tutorial by Sew Much Ado. This girl obviously knows what she's talking about, but it was simple enough that someone like me (aka someone with NO experience) could follow along. I ended up keeping my original hem - not because I am a great sewer, but because this specific method covers up your stitches by keeping the original hem, so there's slight room for error. And I needed all the room for error I could get. I sewed my jeans by hand, and the whole process took much longer than it should have. But I can finally say that I know how to hem my pants.

Here's the finished product!

Now if only I could learn how to effectively shrink adult-sized clothes so that they fit me properly. Or how to de-glitter kid's clothes. You can't win them all...

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  1. I have the complete opposite problem. Send your extra my way so I don't look like I am waiting for a flood.

  2. I love the picture of Nicholas giggling at you. :) Perfect!

  3. Fabulous! I've been meaning to try her technique myself, thanks for the inspiration :)

  4. I have the same problem. I have to hem every pair of trousers I buy! Goo job on the hemming girl!

  5. One way to solve your clothing size problems, is to go shopping in Asia/Thailand ^^

  6. I'm a shorty as well~ saving this for future reference =D

  7. you did an awesome job!!! :) way go to! you'll be a pro before you know it!


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