Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Girl Behind the Blog: Show & Tell (Or, "Just One More Reason I'm Awkward")

When will I stop being awkward? The end of my awkwardness is not in sight. Probably never will be. Sigh.

I'm excited to be sharing my 5th video blog for The Girl Behind the Blog Series! This month's prompt was "Show & Tell" - we're sharing 3 things that get us through the day.

I feel a deep need to give you all a quick disclaimer before you watch this video...

1. It was late. Well, only 10pm, but that kind of counts as late. So that's my excuse for my awkwardness.

2. I meant to say that I am recording this vlog from my bed because I wait until my son goes to sleep to record these vlogs, and then I shut myself in my room so I can be alone (or so I don't feel embarrassed in front of my hubby). My explanation of that in the vlog makes not one ounce of sense.

3. Finally - at the end, I say that I probably should say something about how Jesus gets me through the day (and then I go on to say that these other 3 things actually get me through the day). Doh. Jesus is what actually gets me through every day. Every moment, really. All these other fun things are just blessings from Him.

Background music - Bethany Dillon's "You Are On Our Side." The gospel in a song, in my opinion.

You bet I ate that chocolate ice cube after the recording the vlog. And to clarify - I do not eat ALL of those types of chocolate eveyrday. But maybe one...or two of them. Let's not get crazy here.

Thanks Erin and Ashley for hosting this month! 

Happy Halloween! Nicholas is going trick or treating dressed as a nerd tonight. Because the apple, unfortunately, doesn't always fall far from the tree. Sorry kiddo.

Finally - today's the last day to get in on advertising with me for November! I have some fun options for advertising and really cheap prices! So click here for more details!
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  1. I loved your video! You seem so gentle and sweet and what a loving, caring momma! you have great answers and I couldn't agree with you more.. have a great halloween with your family!:)

  2. Ohhh Mackenzie, you are fantastic! What a sweet soul you have. The love that you clearly have for your son is amazing...I soo feel the same way about my little man. Being a mama is the absolute best!
    Also, loved your chocolate answer. I'm a huge lover of chocolate....orrrr just sweets in general.
    Lastly, love your sweater! Where is that from?!

  3. Your disclaimers are too funny! As always, lovely video, thank you for sharing :) Coffee is my chocolate.

  4. Not awkward at all, Mackenzie!
    Loved it!
    I've been reading you blog for while now and I really enjoy your posts!

    I just started my own blog, but it's pretty hard to keep up with a 3 month old baby! How do you do it?

    Happy Halloween!

  5. haha, I also have to hide from my husband when I do vlogs or he will either be laughing at me or pull some silly prank on the video! I really appreciate my laptop too--it's kind of necessary for blogging! My family lives on the other side of the world from me so Skype is my best friend!

  6. Mackenzie I just love you! You are so sweet and full of Jesus :) I love love love the song in the background. It was so relaxing to watch :)

  7. Loved your vlog. Those are great things to get you through the day!

  8. Haha. I loved it! Totally not awkward either.

  9. I loved the video! I was all prepared for something so horrible from your description above, haha! You did great!

    And, is your headboard made from pallets? Weird question I know, but I have a picture saved for my hubby where that is what I want him to do for our bed. :)

  10. I look forward to your vlogs every month, seriously your voice is so soft and soothing!! I love the way you talk about your son :-) I think he should make an appearance in a video!

  11. Skype! Yes, we always facetime grandparents when 5ohBaby is in a bad mood. You're so sweet that you mention your son and hubbs. xoxo

  12. Awkward = awesome! And please post pics of Nerdy Nicholas!!! He will be the cutest nerd ever, I am sure of it!

  13. I love your sweater!! The chocolate - ohhh I love chocolate but I can't keep it in the house because I can't limit myself.

  14. oh and I'm glad I wasn't the only one rockin the messy bun;)

  15. 1- your headboard is awesome! I'm a little jealous of your bed now.

    2- chocolate. yes.

    3- Nicholas might be the cutest kid I've ever seen, period.

  16. You were not awkward at all!! And I totally recorded mine in bed last night too. That is funny we were probably doing ours at the same time. Chocolate is a good one. I considered including a food item but didn't. And family is a definite must!! It was good to see you again!

  17. Thank you so much for linking up--I love that you had background music playing, talk about calming. And your bed looks so nice! I love it. It was so good meeting you at Influence, you are precious!

  18. chocolate is absolutely delicious. you actually made me crave some so badly i paused your vlog to go get a bag of m&ms!

    your bun isn't messy. or maybe it is, but either way, it's adorable. and i have to laugh that you are so mellow in this videos because you are not that way in real life! haha. miss you, Mackenzie!

  19. I seriously could not get through the day with Jesus. He is literally my rock.

    I get so embarrassed when I try to record my blog in front of Ty, so I usually do it after he is in bed.

    Love your sweater. cute. Where did you get it from?

    I love your headboard!

    Technology is definitely a skyping with your beautiful face and keeping up with the outside world while I am stuck at home!

  20. HAHA I LOVE chocolate, we can be friends ;) =)
    oooh that kindle is so pretty =) And yay I love Skype =) SO amazing for keeping in contact with family!
    Awww you have a beautiful heart and have a lovely mommy attitude =) Your son is blessed! =)
    SO glad you did a video =)
    Much Love,


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