Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Freedom Found Me

If there's one thing that makes me squirm when I think about admitting it out loud, it's this:

I'm an earn-aholic.

I've been a Christian for 21 years,  I'm a pastor's kid, and my husband and I do vocational ministry. Yet for all of these Christian "credentials" that I posses, I am still trying to earn God's grace. You'd think I would know better by now. But no, I'm still working to get something that I already have.

Over the last few months God has challenged me grow in trusting Him; and as I dug deep into my heart, and into His Word, I stumbled upon something that explained a bit of my trusting God issues: though He offers grace freely, I am still trying to pay Him for it. I'm working to earn it. And how do you fully trust someone when you're just hoping to gain their approval?

And so, this:

God is so good that He found me. The freedom that grace offers has snuck up on me, ready to dowse me in approval and love. I don't have to go searching for Him, knowing a special formula or using a secret password. Grace is right out there in the open, with arms stretched wide to embrace us.

I'm laying down my earning ways. I'm ready to know more of the crazy, generous love of Jesus. I'm ready to accept that freedom has found me. Will you come with me?
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  1. I really need to start thinking this way!

  2. Excited to see you stretched and see your precious heart grow through this!! Oh how I can't wait to hug you!


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