Monday, October 29, 2012

First Snow, My Mom, and Our Strange Signature Snack

I wish I could fill up this page with how much fun we had last week! My mom came to visit, and life is just more fun when Grandma comes to visit. Living 8 hours away from my family is not easy, so my mom and I definitely made the most of our time! We went shopping, hit up our "regular" stores, watched movies, baked cookies, and taught Nicholas new tricks, like clapping and hugging his teddy bear, which about killed me from the cuteness.

I may have led my mom astray when I guaranteed her that there was no snow in the forecast. 
And then this happened:

But we made the most of it by letting Nicholas play with some snow! He was mostly confused and ate a few handfuls of it. (Don't worry about his bare feet, we were only out there for 2 minutes. I later bought him a snow suit that I can't wait to try out soon!)

Nicholas also got a few new toys this week (as toy-supplying seems to be a Grandma's job).

We went out to eat a few times, including to an adorable cafe that has amazing milkshakes and walls lined with candy. I felt like a kid again (please no jokes about how I could pass for a kid, I've already thought of that one).
Scarf from FashionABLE

And though it may not make sense to you, it wouldn't have been a week with my mom if we didn't have our signature snack:
Popcorn and chocolate milk. The choice of snack-loving children and apparently my mom and I too.

I miss you already mom. Thank you for coming to visit and for loving on Nicholas, Brian and I. We love you!

Do you have any must-do outings when you spend time with your family? Or any signature snacks that make you feel like a kid again? 

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  1. That snow looks so beautiful! I'd love to see what my street would look like if it snowed...would be magical!

    Sounds like you had such a lovely time with your Mum, which brings joy to my heart, it must be hard not having her in close reach, xx

  2. Those pictures of the snow are beautiful! And it looks like you had a really great week with your mom!

  3. I love your style! It makes me want to go out and find the perfect chambray top.

  4. Looks like ya'll had a fabulous time! So glad that you got spend time with your mom. Mom time is seriously the best!

    I love popcorn and chocolate milk...but never thought about enjoying them together. that is definitely a must try!


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