Monday, October 22, 2012

Date Nights (and A Note on Redemption)

I am probably the lamest 25 year-old that you know. I have a hot husband and a ton of people willing to baby-sit, but in the last 10 months of being parents we've only gone on five dates. FIVE. Brian often tries to instigate a date night, and I am quick to make excuses for why it's "too hard" to go out.

I don't have a good reason for being so lame. Nicholas hates taking a bottle, so I make that my excuse. But honestly it just feels like a hassle to prep my house for sitters, get a bottle ready (especially since Nicholas still nurses), and wonder how he's doing while we're out. Plus I miss him :)

But - I'm turning over a new leaf! Brian and I went on a date for our anniversary, and I remembered how much fun it is truly focus on one another. I realized that a date night is worth the prep work, and the money. Our marriage needed it. And we had so much fun! Plus I got to spend a few hours not getting covered with banana or get my hair yanked out by tiny fingers.

Our date night consisted of us actually taking a picture together,

a failed attempt at an outfit picture,

(failed because my hands look like giant bird talons and my bathroom mirror is severely scratched.)

seeing the AMAZING new movie "Argo", and drinks and appetizers at Applebees.

And some silliness.

We had so much fun. We talked, held hands, and enjoyed a few interrupted hours together. I giggled, a lot. Well, actually we both giggled. (Sorry Brian, it's true.) And the movie reminded us of the time we got to spend in Central Asia, and God's gigantic heart for the Muslim people. It was a wonderful, much needed night!

I vow to make date nights more of a priority. 

And - I am so not a fashion blogger, but I like to give credit where credit is due! So the really cool flower ring I'm wearing is from Marigold Road, and my gorgeous scarf is from FashionABLE. I am PUMPED about FashionABLE, a non-profit that creates sustainable business for women in Africa. These women "have been exploited due to the effects of poverty," as their website states. So when you buy a scarf from FashionABLE, you get to provide jobs and help to rehabilitate these women! How cool is that?

Man, I love that Jesus is in the business of redemption!

Have a great start to the week, my friends!
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  1. Yay!! Im so glad you guys had a great time. You are such a good looking couple!

    In the first year of our son's life we went on 3 date nights. Those were the 3 times our family came to visit us in Texas. I made the same excuses and never took the time to find a good sitter. But the times we went out were so wonderful!! And we've been making a better effort at it as of lately.

    I hope you guys stick to it!! Alone time is so crucial!

  2. yep, I hear ya. we even have a monthly date night budget and we still have only been on a handful of dates! and our daughter is 20 months. sheesh. you're so right though, it's worth every "inconvenience" of getting a sitter and organizing a date. lots of older women have told me that it's important to invest now because someday, our kids will be grown and no longer in need of our care. but our husbands will STILL be there. ;)

  3. So glad to hear you were able to go on a date. One thing I have learned from a lot of mummy bloggers is the need to go on dates when you have a baby- hopefully a lesson I put into action when I have kids of my own :)

  4. i'm so glad y'all had some time to go out and enjoy each other! i love your outfit!

  5. I love tht you are going to make it a priority!! That is something I already think about and we dont have babies yet!

  6. Gods doing the same in both of us girl (which is honestly no surprise to me since i feel so connected to you!) :) Weve been trying to make marriage a priority again in the last few weeks. Its been really good and God is working and blessing it!! Love you girl. were in this together!!!

  7. You are the cutest couple ever!! So happy you had a nice date night. It is so important to make time together to leave the house and just do something, even if you do spend a lot of time around eachother at home. Love your outfit!!

  8. Argo was freakin' fantastic!!!

  9. I love you guys. You're so wonderful :) And I literally laughed out loud about your giant bird talons comment on your picture. Thank you for that...

  10. I love your outfit, fall clothes are the best. Date nights are so much fun! Glad you got to enjoy some time with your hubby!


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