Wednesday, October 17, 2012

An Honest Look at Influence

As I continue to digest my time at the Influence Conference last weekend, I'm excited to share another take on influence - from my friend Brin! She is a wife and mama, and blogs at Bold Butter Baby. I love her honesty, her zest for life, and how sweet her little boy is!

Please go say hello to Brin, and hear how the Lord is using her to influence those around her. I hope you're enjoying these Q & A interviews!


You are a mom, a wife, a friend, a co-worker (and more!) Do you notice ways that you are able to influence people in your everyday life?

Being a mom to such a young child you feel like everything you do influences them. Whether it be what you say or how you act, they mimic and do as you do. Knowing this I have made it a point to make my influence to Dexter in only a positive light (not to say I slip up every now and again!).  

What, if anything, challenges you about the fact that you have the power to influence others (in a negative or positive way)?

That power is something that I personally feel is not me alone. Whether it be negative or positive I know that God is always there to turn to and ask if this is something that I should really be doing. I know he can guide me through anything and his word is what will decide what I will do in times of doubt. Having the power to influence someone is something not to be taken lightly. So asking God to guide me when I am having problems is the easiest thing to do. 

Who have been big influencers in your life? How have they influenced you? 

A good friend of mine has always been into fitness and health. She is now training to be a body builder and always seems to amaze (and influence!) me in how she is able to be so dedicated to something. Having weight issues myself, people like her used to intimidate me. After meeting her, I know that you can really do anything you put your mind to. No judgments have ever been made about my weight or food choices I made. Anytime I want help with what’s healthy and how I should be working out she is all ears and ready to give advice without judgment. Something I really admire.

As a blogger, you have the unique opportunity to influence those who read your blog. How do you hope to influence your readers?

I hope to show people that being perfect is not a reality. That wearing yoga pants four days a week is OKAY and encouraged. That I am not a perfect mother but I am learning every day how to be a better one. Being married is not easy and it requires communication and respect. That growing a relationship with God is sometimes difficult but rewarding nonetheless. 


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