Friday, October 26, 2012

An Encouraging, Funny, and Real Take on Influence

This is my beautiful friend Amber. She's a mom to 4 kiddos (in 5 years!), a wife, and she is super funny. She's also wise, encouraging, and has a heart for moms. I asked her to share her thoughts on influence as an experienced mom and lover of Jesus, and I am SO excited about what she has to say to you today.

Amber blogs at Love On Wings. Make sure to visit her blog today and say hello! Take it away Amber!


You are a mom, a wife, a friend, etc. Do you notice ways that you are able to influence these people in your everyday life?

The reason I actually started this little blog is because I was blown away at the influence I seemed to have on the mom's around me.  I think it's because I had kids earlier {and WAY closer together} than lots of my friends.  I would get messages from friends on FB asking questions and begging for suggestions, women who I only knew casually would write me and say that when they where feeling overwhelmed they thought of me at home with my babies and felt better, like they could handle one if I could handle two {or three, or four}.  I liked that, but I also knew that I was nothing special.  I wanted to encourage my friends by showing them that I was a hot mess too, it was the grace I have in Jesus that sustained me.  I also wanted to share tips and tricks that have been passed on to me from some of the amazing mother's that God has placed in my life.  Finally, I wanted to inspire fellow Mama's to get out and do something creative, for their own sanity.

What, if anything, challenges you about the fact that you have the power to influence others?

I struggle to find the balance between being real and getting too personal, and if my being real might influence someone negatively.  I want to share all that God has done and is doing in my life without my readers feeling like I am preachy, no one wants to be preached at. 

Who have been big influencers in your life? How have they influenced you?

I am actually going to say my husband.  He literally encourages any and every idea or passion I have, even if I mention them in passing.  The thing about my personality is that I have LOTS of ideas and passions and I rarely stick with any of them, but my husband doesn't mind. He lets me shine bright and fly as high as I desire, and he is always there to help guide me. My amazing husband is the string to my kite, without him I am sure I would be caught in a tree somewhere. 

As a blogger, you have the unique opportunity to influence those who read your blog. How do you hope to influence your readers?

I have three main goals I think about when I blog, I want to...

Encourage my readers to find themselves in Jesus.  To help them see that His light that shines through me is the same light he offers to all of us. His grace is sufficient to cover all of our failures and meet all of our needs.

Inspire my readers to do things that are creative and fulfilling for their spirits.  To find their identity, not just as moms and wives, but as chosen daughters of the King with amazing gifts that He has intended we use for His glory!

Entertain my readers with stories of my life, because when is 4 kids, ages 5 and under, not going to be entertaining??


  1. LOVE HER. What a precious heart she has. Thanks for sharing Amber!!!

  2. Oh Amber another reason we are so alike - I also get all these great ideas I tend to not follow through with my husband is right here encouraging me anyways! Love your heart. Seriously people, follow Amber's blog - you will be encouraged!!


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