Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Little Scared, But Mostly Excited

Well, today's the day - I'm headed to Indianapolis for the Influence Conference! As you read this, I'm either in an airport or on a plane. This morning I left my house at an ungodly hour to make my 6:12am flight, and I have a few stops on the way to Indianapolis. I also said goodbye to Brian and Nicholas, as they head to Seattle for a boys trip. As I embark on this journey of a weekend, I'm feeling a little scared, but mostly excited.

- I've never been away from Nicholas for more than 4 hours. Brian is an INCREDIBLE dad, so my little guy is in good hands. But I'm still going to miss them both!

- Will I be myself? Will I give in to the temptation to look more "put-together" than I am? Or will I let Jesus show Himself through me, broken and weird as I am?

- My roommate, Megan, and I are hosting a lunch meet-up on Friday for women who are involved in ministry. I'm trusting that God will move in this group, but what if it doesn't go well?

- There are 200+ women attending this conference. Many whom I really admire, and would like to meet. I'm nervous that I'll clam up and I won't be assertive enough to strike up a conversation. I want to take advantage of this time and make great connections.

 - I know that Jesus is waiting for me to arrive in Indianapolis. He's already there, and He's so excited about what He's going to do this weekend. 

- It's so evident that this conference was God's idea - so He'll work. He'll move. He'll do more than any of us could ever dream, ask, or imagine.

- I get to meet blog friends in REAL LIFE. I never imagined that this would happen when I started this blog in February. I am so pumped!

- I'm really expectant. I'm expecting to make real connections, for the Lord to speak to me, and to learn a lot. I'm expecting to be challenged as a blogger, for God to give me vision for my blog, and even for future ministry. And I'm reeeeeaalllly hoping to sleep through the night, for the first time since Nicholas was born :)

It's going to be an amazing 3 days. I'm going to make new friends, be challenged in my faith, grow as a blogger, and get some quality girl time. And I can't wait to share about the conference with you when I get back!

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  1. I was...and still am bummed that I couldn't go to this conference. Sounds like God was SO present there. Hope you had an amazing time!! :)


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