Friday, September 28, 2012

You Know You're A Mom When...

I haven't done one of these for awhile, but I've experienced a few things lately that I know other moms can relate with!

Your house is perpetually covered with a light dusting of Ritz Cracker crumbs.

You "go to the bathroom" just so that you can have some alone time.

You have to hold back tears of joy when someone offers to do the dishes for you.

You ask for a nap for your birthday.

You have walked around your house for several hours oblivious to the fact that there's someone else's poop all over your shirt. (True story.)

You swear that you can hear the sound of mischief, and you run at light-speed to prevent it.

I'd love to hear some of the funny moments you've had that remind you that you're a mom :)
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  1. Yep,

    I asked for a nap for my birthday. Didn't get it, but Micah did sleep in til 9 o'clock.

    And yes, I totally get the whole bathroom thing.

    I love these posts basically because I am experiencing it right along with you! mama fist bump!

    Happy Friday, girl!

  2. When talking to my 3 year old, I call myself mommy, so I often accidentally refer to myself as mommy when I am talking to other people.

    We went to an arcade yesterday, and my husband had the card for the tickets. I asked him for it by saying "mommy wants to go play overrrrrrrr.....oo..umm..I mean, I want to go..."

  3. You know you're a mom when you realize after several minutes that your child's pacifier is indeed, still in your mouth from either attempting to clean it via your mouth or simply not having a free hand to hold it with.

    You also know for certain you're a mom when you walk around for awhile whilst you are more or less exposed in the boob region after a feeding. Sigh. My neighborhood might know me more than they would like....

  4. You know you're a Mom when you dress up the top half of your body for a gchat but have yoga pants on the bottom!

    XO BoldButterBaby

  5. Oh my gosh! I had to laugh at every single one of these, because I can relate! :) Great post!

  6. You know you're a mom when...
    you find "caws" (cars) in your bed, in your clothes, in the kitchen cabinet, in the trashcan... :)

    I made the jump to blogger! Would love for you to come by and say hi :)


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