Monday, September 10, 2012

When Your Baby Bump Isn't Cute Anymore (Cuz You Had the Baby 9 Months Ago...)

I'm at a stage in my life where picking out my clothes each morning is pretty frustrating. Most mornings I open my closet, sigh, and then pick out one of four shirts that I rotate through every week. Even though I have a closet full of clothes.

This frustration is partly due to the fact that I only have 2 minutes to think about my outfit for the day, and it's partly due to this:
My body has been through a lot this past year!

I don't doubt that pregnancy takes a toll on every woman's body - it's sure left it's marks on my tiny frame! All the changes are worth it when I see my sweet baby, but my new post-baby body has made enjoying my wardrobe a little bit tricky. Many of my favorite outfits fit awkwardly now and I struggle with how to hide my post-baby bump. I know that I may be the only one who notices how much my body has changed, but I still want to feel comfortable in the clothing I wear each day. With Nicholas's adventurous spirit, I also don't have a lot of time to  think carefully about what to wear every morning. All of these factors are a recipe for wearing only about 10% of my wardrobe and for feeling uncomfortable about how I look.

I'm a little too good at complaining about a problem but not doing anything to fix it. So after a few months of feeling blah about my clothes, I've decided to do something about it! If this tummy is here to stay, then I might as well figure out how to dress it up! :) With the help of The No Brainer Wardrobe, I'm simplifying my wardrobe and finding ways to feel more confident in my clothing choices.

My goal in this little project is NOT to become more materialistic or appearance focused. I already care too much about how I look. So my actual goals are:
1. To actually wear the clothes in my closet
2. To give away the clothes I don't wear/no longer fit
3. To build a wardrobe that works for my body, on a ministry budget, that fits with my life as a mom
4. To slowly add pieces to my wardrobe that compliment what I already own, and that work for my body type (again, on a budget)
5. To simplify/enjoy my mornings with Nicholas! (Because I'll be confident in what my clothing options are, so I'll spend less time fussing & more time snuggling.)

The No Brainer Wardrobe, an e-book written by Haley from The Tiny Twig, has been really helpful for me in figuring out how to build a wardrobe that fits my new body, my personality, and my life as a mom. I highly recommend the book! :)

My first step in this process has been to completely purge my wardrobe. This turned out to be a fun and freeing experience! I think we can all benefit from getting rid of stuff, so I'll be sharing later this week about the purging process. Just to give you a little taste - I donated, boxed up, and threw away 46 items of clothing. 46! The fact that I had that many pieces of totally unworn clothing kind of grosses me out. I hope some 10 year-old Montanan girl has a fashion show with all of my old clothes at the Goodwill :) I already feel more at peace with less crap in my closet.

Thanks for joining me in this little experiment. Here's to a bit more simplicity, and hopefully a lot more sanity.

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  1. You know, I think half the time we feel crap about our bodies because we don't feel comfortable in the clothes we are wearing because they don't fit properly. I am going through a similar process where I am trying to get rid of clothes that I'll never wear and invest in some classic pieces. If you buy smart, you will have to buy less.

    Also, don't beat yourself up about still carrying a bit of excess wait. You are right- you are the only one who notices it because I certainly haven't. And it's only been 9 months. Have patience and be persistent :)

  2. That sounds so neat! I need to do that, too! Best of luck in your experiment! :)

  3. I soooo need to do this! I am downloading the e-book asap and going to work on my wardrobe.

    More simplicity and more sanity= I'm in! :)

  4. I have seen this book so many times but this time I finally bought it! Yes, here's to not having so many clothes that I never wear (due to residual baby belly) cluttering up my closet :)

  5. I experience body changes throughout the year (mostly due to the holidays). What I've done is host clothing exchange parties with my friends. We all get a chance to recycle and rework our wardrobes without paying a dime! It's fun to see who brings what and after several years of hosting it's a good way to acquire maternity and post baby clothes too.

  6. I'm planning to do this soon too! It's been so hard trying to find outfits to wear to work lately because there are so many unnecessary clothes in my closet. Hold me accountable? I want to do this in the next week or so & I'm so bad at saying I'll do something & then not following through!

  7. Oh I totally know how you feel! I ended up doing the same thing after having my daughter-- I gave away a ton of clothing. It's crazy how much stuff we women can accumulate! I know the frustration of not fitting into clothing and it's not fun at all, but it sounds like you're a woman on a mission! =) Great post!

  8. I just read the book and cleaned out my closet for the same reasons! I love being able to close my drawers again, and getting dressed is so much easier. I love your blog!


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