Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My Closet Just Lost 10 Pounds!

As I shared about on Monday, I'm re-vamping my wardrobe in an attempt to simplify my life and feel more confident in my clothing choices. Having a baby has definitely changed my body, so I think my wardrobe is in need of a change too! I'm using The No Brainer Wardrobe e-book as a guide for this process.

One of the most fun aspects of this little experiment was the wardrobe-purging process. It was actually kind of therapeutic as well! I went through every drawer in my dresser and through every inch of my closet.

I was looking to get rid of clothes that:
- Are no longer my style/are outdated
- No longer fit
- Were worn and old
- I never wear, and am holding onto for no good reason

So with these criteria in mind, I began my wardrobe de-cluttering. My dresser was so full of clothes that I could barely shut the drawers, and was the biggest culprit of totally unworn clothes.

 Here's a little before and after of my dresser:
I felt like I'd lost 10 lbs! Well, my dresser might have lost 10 lbs. But I still felt great afterwards!

I thought it was pretty interesting what was still lurking in my closet/dresser. After going through every item of clothing, I ended up getting rid of the following:

- 1 dress
- 1 skirt
- 2 pairs of shorts
- 14 shirts
- 3 sweaters
- 1 belt
- 1 pair of shoes
- 1 swim suit
- 3 pairs of tights
- 4 bras

That's a total of 31 items of un-worn clothing that were taking up room in my closet! I also found 15 pieces of maternity clothes still hiding in my wardrobe (insert ashamed face here). It's not like I had my son over 9 months ago...oh wait, yes it is. So counting the maternity clothes too, I took 46 pieces of clothing out of my closet/dresser. 46! That number kind of grosses me out, but it also helps to answer my question of why I could never fully shut my dresser drawers.

All of these items were either donated to the Goodwill, were boxed up for my next pregnancy, or were thrown away. Here's my (not so) little pile of Goodwill donation clothes:

I have wanted to revamp my wardrobe for awhile, so it feels SO good to finally have this part of the project finished. I highly recommend purging your closet every once in awhile - it's great to be able to give a whole bunch of clothes away, and it's nice to actually be aware of what's in your closet. And though I'm definitely on a budget, I now know what types of clothing will compliment what's already in my closet. 

Can I just say that I sorta really hope I see some cute little 10 year old walking around my town in my donated clothes? It's not like many of these items were from the kids section or anything....(wink).

Though I'm not writing these posts as a way of reviewing Haley's book, I do want to give credit to her that a lot of the ideas for how to purge my closet & what to look for next came from The No Brainer Wardrobe. Seriously, it's only $7.99 and it's super helpful. Why not buy it? :)
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  1. I clean out my closet on a fairly regular basis (twice a year?) and then host a clothes swap. All my friends go through their wardrobes, bring their unwanted clothes to mine and we throw them into a big pile and sift through, finding some new items to wear. When it is all over, I load it into my car and make a trip to the charity store. This is great for us as we get some free clothes and great for the charity stores as they get clothes that may have otherwise just been stashed away in my friend's wardrobes for years and years :P

  2. Good for you! I've actually been in a similar "cathartic purging" mode, it's kind of taking over the house. It's weird to realize that just because something is good or nice does not mean it deserves to take up space in your house if you're not actually enjoying it. Enjoy your new closet, it sounds like you deserve it!

  3. "The Pocket Stylist: Behind-the-Scenes Expertise from a Fashion Pro on Creating Your Own Look" by Kendal Farr is another great book, too!

  4. I LOVE to organize and go through my husband and I's closet about every 6 months. It helps me to simplify and realize I don't need a lot of things I want to hold on to.

  5. ahhh this makes me so happy! I am a freak about cleaning out our closets and drawers, I am sad I have nothing to throw out hahaha

  6. I found your blog while searching for others who had read The No-Brainer Wardrobe. I've just done it, doesn't it feel amazing? I feel like my wardrobe's lost 50 lbs. :)


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