Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Fresh Beginning

I love new days and fresh beginnings. This week has come as one big deep breath and a reminder that the Lord is present with us at all times. Thank you for the sweet words of encouragement after Tuesday's post. I'm glad that a few of you were able to relate with how Jesus meets us in our moments of hurt.

Monday brought the new fall quarter at the missions training center we work with. Summers here are pretty empty, so having a few hundred people bustling around is so exciting! (Especially coming from the big city girl that's still hiding in me somewhere.) It's so refreshing to see new faces and it's so exciting to dream about what God is going to do in the lives of those who come here! With every new quarter I am amazed that God lets me do what we do. (And if you're wondering what the heck it is that we do, you can click here, and read #5.)

Our family is going to be a part of some exciting things this quarter, and I want to share them with you!

- Brian and I get to host a worship and prayer time in our home each week! We both really have a heart for prayer and worship, so we are so excited to be a part of this. I can't wait to have people in our home, spending time with Jesus together and drinking lots of coffee.

- The moms group that I'm a part of starts up this month! Consistently meeting with other moms has been one of the smartest decisions I've made as a mother. It's super encouraging and you quickly find out that you're not alone :) If you aren't a part of a moms group, join one! Many churches, community centers, and even hospitals host different types of moms groups. Or you could even start your own! I don't lead the moms group that I'm a part of, but if you have any questions about how to facilitate one, I'd love to chat with you!

- Brian started a brand new job on Monday! He's doing a year long internship with the directors of our ministry. We are excited to see how God challenges, grows, and stretches Brian through this year. And he has an office, so I'm getting together some pictures of Nicholas to put on his new desk.

- Oh, and this quarter Nicholas turns 1. WHAT?!?! Barf. (I'm sorry if that grosses you out, but the fact that I'm planning a first birthday party for my firstborn makes me queasy.) See how big he's getting?

It's been a refreshing and inspiring week, and I'm excited about what's coming up. Did I mention that the Influence Conference that I'm attending is in 21 days? Eep! And I'm almost 25. Life moves so fast...

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  1. 21 days, yay!! How awesome to hear all of the things that the Lord is doing in your life right now. I wish that there was a good MOPS program where I live :(

  2. Goooosh his cute smile gets me everytime - I don't know how you could ever say no to that boy! And congrats to hub on his change of job, hope it works out well for him :)

  3. he is so adroable!
    I was just married when I turned 25, so you are ahead of the game! LOL...

    Im excited to hear all of the fun changes going on, and hope you have a blast at that conference!

  4. Hey, I read your blogs all the time and love following what God is doing in your guys' life! i am excited for all that you both have coming up! And love seeing God's passion and joy in you! I know we never really got to know each other well. But just wanted to let you know you are a blessing to many even if it's people you don't really know! God bless Mackenzie! And I look forward to hearing all the exciting adventures

  5. the Lord's faithfulness is amazing, isn't it? that's so encouraging to hear of all the amazing things he's doing in this next quarter of your life :) i'm so excited for you! and SO excited for influence!!!

  6. How exciting! My baby is 8months and I still can't believe how fast he has grown. I am so happy to have found your uplifting blog. Thanks for sharing your love. I am a new follower. Hope to see you at True Aim!


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