Thursday, August 9, 2012

I'm Smitten

This guy....I can't get enough of him. 
These pictures were taken as I was trying to contain him for a just a few minutes so that I could finish  setting up his pack and play. And then I quickly learned that a laundry hamper cannot contain a rambunctious crawler, and I caught him right before he hit the floor. Good move, self.
 I truly am so thankful for him. I know it might sound silly, but sometimes I think about the fact that if I had gotten pregnant a week earlier or a week later, I wouldn't have my sweet Nicholas. And of course I would love that hypothetical baby- but I am just so happy to have this little boy in my life. 

When I want to take life too seriously, he helps me to snap out of it with one giggle or his current favorite, making fart noises with his mouth on my arms and legs. He is such a boy. And he's my boy. Sometimes I can't believe I get to keep him!


  1. He's just so joyful and happy- love it!

  2. Mackenzie, he's SO cute!! I just joined your site and wondered why I hadn't already, but then I saw that you just switched to Blogger, so that's why! I'd love for you to visit me at Two In Diapers, and you should definitely come link up this post to the Mommy-Brain Mixer on Thursday! :)


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