Thursday, August 23, 2012

I Am Thankful

I'm not going to lie - I have written a few blog posts this week, in my head, that all had to do with why a teething and crawling baby is exhausting and how I'd like to sleep for 4 days straight. And how messy my house is and how badly I need to dye my roots...

And then the Lord reminded me that life is short, and that gratefulness is Godly. (And grumbling and complaining is not Godly. That one stung a little bit. But it's true.)

So here are a few things that I am grateful for this week, in no particular order! (And yes, I'm writing this in my sweatpants, with unbrushed teeth, because I'm too tired to care. There you have it.)

A friend gave me their professional grade KitchenAid mixer. GAVE it to me. For free. Um, can I tell you how shocked I was? I've been asking the Lord for a red KitchenAid mixer for a few months, and here it is. Thanks Jesus.

Nicholas' first pool party (more adorable pics of the party here!)

Fro-yo with my boys.

YWAM Montana's annual staff retreat, which involved lots of friends, snacks, Nicholas shoving dirt in his mouth, and tons of encouragement. Did I say wonderful friends?

This hair. And this smile.

And the fact that I finally organized pictures from my childhood. Let me share with you some of the awkward gems that I found:

My sibs. I'm pretty sure we were all protesting this photoshoot.

Now I know where my obsession with chocolate chip cookies comes from...(and my wild hair.)

Snowy. Awkward. Small. Snowsuit. Thumbs up. Oh wait, mittens up.

What are you grateful for this week?
Also, I'm going to be sharing a bit more on what it's like to be my height, growing up as the tiniest person around, and what I've learned through it. If you have any height-related questions, I'd love to hear them! You can leave a comment or email me at I will try and answer all questions, either in a blog post, or via email. Thanks!
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  1. oops! Just saw I commented twice on your post yesterday :S

    Thankful for everyday with my kids and husband!

  2. Great photos!

    I'm following you now on GFC- love a follow back! Love for you to join us at Weekend Blog Walk this weekend- starting Friday at noon.

    Hope to see you there!
    Jessica @ At Home Take 2

  3. cute pictures! and i love the blog design

  4. This is such a cute post.. So jealous of your mixer! I totally wish someone would give me one, haha!

    I think I need to learn how to be more Godly, because I am in a rut of complaining and not having fun within my days. Boo me!


  5. Preach! Hang on there, Friend. Even if I am coveting your mixer a little bit. Oops, I said the C word...


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