Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bright Moments (And A Chance to Help A Mama)

I told you yesterday that I would share about the sweeter moments of this past week, and today I will deliver on that promise! Focusing on the good stuff gives me perspective when I am literally holding Nicholas down as he tries to escape getting his diaper changed. I swear that his current goal in life is to a) never have a diaper on and b) get poo all over the carpet in protest of getting his diaper changed. I'm sorry if that's too much information, it's just my life right now. :) Onto the blessings in my week!

Some of our very best friends were in town. You might remember this couple as my extremely tall friends. They moved to Canada almost a year ago, but every time we see them it's like we've never missed a beat! We spent every moment we could with them, including a wonderful night BBQ'ing at the lake. I cherish our friendship with them so much!

I also went out for a girl's night with my girlfriends, which has happened about 3 times since Nicholas was born 8 months ago. I felt like a real woman, being able to wear jewelry, heels and a dress - all of which are not easily managed with a squirmy baby. The last picture is me being giddy because I was SO excited to be out with my friends. (And because I felt fancy drinking a cosmo. I'm a nerd.)

Another major highlight of the week has to do with my amazing husband. After our BBQ at the lake, we had a sink (and counter) full of dishes. I woke up the next morning, and my first thought was about how much I was dreading doing the dishes. When I walked into the kitchen, I saw an empty sink, and a running dishwasher! Brian had washed the dishes before work that morning. Let me tell you, I was one happy wife. Yay for a servant-hearted husband!

And finally - something that has made me so excited this week is the opportunity to help Carina bring home her baby! A fellow blogger and mom to 3 boys, Carina is in the final process of adopting a baby girl. She is just weeks away from getting to bring home her baby! But as you may know, adoption is not cheap. One way that her family is raising money is through selling some beautiful handmade necklaces. Would you consider praying about donating towards their adoption? To read more about Carina's family, the adoption, and the necklaces, click here. (And click the picture below to go to her Etsy shop.) 

a punk, a pumpkin and a peanut

I hope you have had a wonderful week so far. What have been some of the bright moments in your week? I'd love to hear them!


  1. I love the last photo of you with a cosmo...I think a husband with a servant heart is the biggest blessing. A bright moment of mine this week was the opportunity to sit down and read blogs to my heart's content! Such joy! ha ha

  2. I just found your blog and it's really cute. I had 2 fallow =)

  3. how nice of your husband to do that!...also happy for you about a girls night...I don't have friends in this state, so my friends are my daughters and my crafts.

    Loved the camping pictures, and those necklaces are adorable too!

  4. I love your pictures! It makes me miss the forests Round Portland Oregon, my hometown. I live in Oklahoma City now.

  5. We had such a wonderful time with our (short) friends! I hope that it always feels like we've never missed a beat! LOVE YOU!


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