Monday, July 9, 2012


I am so grateful for the last two weeks. When I thought my head was going to explode from the noise of my busy life, God has allowed me to slow down. It might be because I don't have my computer around all day, or the fact that other people have made my family dinner for over a week. Whatever the cause, I am loving this time of fewer distractions and more time enjoying my family.

Since we arrived in Washington, Brian and I have had several times of "just us" - and we've held hands! That's a big deal, considering that our hands are usually fully of baby things so we never just hold hands. We've visited with dear friends and family, gone garage sale-ing, marveled at fat baby thighs in little jean shorts, and enjoyed the cuisine of Trader Joe's (the best grocery store in THE WORLD, which Montana does not have). I've been able to snuggle with my nephews and niece, enjoy church services while Nicholas sleeps on a friend's shoulder, and giggle through BBQ's with close friends. Watching Nicholas army crawl across the floor is both a delight and a bit nerve-wracking (this kid has an uncanny ability to shove things into his mouth faster than I can say "heimlich maneuver"). And through a generous and unexpected source, God has provided all of the finances I need for the Influence conference in October! Go God!

I'm still learning how our family is best able to balance ministry, family time, and having any sort of social life. As I've said before, I don't have this figured out yet! But one thing I have learned from these past two weeks is that spending lots of uninterrupted, non-distracted time as a family is incredibly important, and SO life-giving. Especially when your kid loves swimming pools and splashing as much as this guy:

As a final note: my son looks so much like my dad as a baby that sometimes I get creeped out. But I still love them both :)

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  1. So glad that you are enjoying your time with your family. Yay for God providing all the money you needed for influence, roomie! :) I bought my plane ticket tonight...and it was completely a God thing! He is sovereign like that!

    I love trader joes. did you pick up the cookie butter (i have heard it is divine)...i have been wanting to buy some for myself but haven't gotten over to our nearby store.

    those pictures of Nicholas in the kiddie pool. perfect. what awesome memories!


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