Monday, July 30, 2012

I'm Not Sure I Was Ready For This...

Nicholas decided to celebrate returning home after a month of being away by doing this, 20 minutes after we walked in the door:

If you didn't catch it, that's Nicholas smiling as if to say, "Hey Mom! I know I should be tired from all that driving today, but I just learned how to pull myself up! I'm still too wibble-wobbly to stay here on my own, so you get to watch me in terror as my lovable, giant head looms dangerously over the hardwood floor. Love you!!!!!!!!!!!"

Thanks Nicholas.

Seriously though - I can't believe that Nicholas is old enough to pull himself up. He's not only doing it on our little ottoman, but also in his crib when he wakes up. Within a few minutes after pulling himself up yesterday, he also started fully crawling. Like not just army-style crawling - real crawling. I have a mover on my hands! Can you say baby-proofing?

Did I mention that he's also majorly teething, and has had no regular routine for about a month?

If I'm a bit scarce around these parts this week, now you know why :) And if you feel like throwing up a prayer for patience and the ability to heal boo-boos caused by fuzzy heads accidentally smacking the ground, I would greatly appreciate that. I sure love this little bundle of energy and smiles. He knows how to keep me on my toes!


  1. Such a fun and stressful time for a momma. You will be surprise what you will need to childproof!! Love you girl!

  2. I know how you feel! Mine is in the full-on pull-up mode and even tries to take a step or two. She is growing so fast, and doing things so much earlier than her sister did, it is hard to keep up!

  3. Aw! baby milestones! he is SO adorable!!!

  4. Ha! He is just the cutest : ) I love that smile. My little Owen has been doing these sorts of things too... I turned around for a minute the other day and Owen was going up the stairs. #scary. I hope you enjoy being home.


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