Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Have We Met?

Have you ever met someone and had so much in common that you felt like you've known them for years? Or maybe you've wondered, "are we the same person?" (Maybe not...maybe I'm creepy for thinking that.) Well, this is what I experienced when I met Megan, who blogs at Happy the Home. Our birth stories are strikingly similar (both in labor for over 18 hours & ended up having c-sections, and both watched "The Office" while in labor), our sons were born a month apart, our husbands are both in ministry, our husbands & sons have the same middle name, the list goes on. Megan is incredibly encouraging, honest, a faithful woman of God, a loving mom and wife, and a beautiful lady all around! She's also one of my roommates for the Influence Conference this fall, woohoo!

I asked Megan to do a little Q & A with me about her life as a wife and new mom. I know that you will be blessed today to hear from Megan, and don't forget to stop by her blog to say hello!


Megan, tell us about yourself, and your blog!

Hi, I'm Megan and I blog over at Happy the Home. I am wife to the amazing Tyson James and new momma to our sweet baby boy, Micah James.
We make our home in the great/humid state of Georgia. My blog is named after an old hymn that I hold near and dear to my heart. One of the verses of the hymn says,

"happy the home where Jesus' name
is sweet to every ear;
where children early speak his fame,
and parents hold him dear".

Plain and simple: that is the kind of home we want to raise our family in. With the Lord's help, may our home be happy and beaming with the joy and love of Christ. My blog is a creative outlet in which I share my day to day life, memories, lessons I am learning as new mommy and follower of Christ, with a dash of recipes and glimpse into my crazy little world. 


What would you tell your "new mom" self?

Oh so many things. Where do I begin...

First, I would have told myself to not idolize my son's birth story. I desperately wanted to have a natural birth. After 19 hours of natural childbirth, I was told that I was just too small to birth my baby's sweet big head. During labor and delivery, I can only praise Jesus that I had amazing peace that could have only come from HIM...but, afterward I felt like a failure for not being able to do it "my way". Then my husband came alongside of me and reminded me that the most important thing is that Micah & I were well and healthy.  I needed that mind shift. Still to this day, I struggle with it, but the most important thing is that the Lord allowed me to have and carry a baby and that He is plans for me and my childbearing are best and that I serve a sovereign God.

Secondly, I would have told myself that there are going to be times when you think you just can't handle the craziness anymore. But, He can. He is enough. My new mama motto has been: "His mercies are new every morning." Can I just get an Amen? AMEN! Being a new mother is filled with so many crazy emotions...there have many times that I felt like a failure. In those moments of exhaustion and failure, the Lord's still small voice reassures my heart and mind telling me..."my mercies are new every morning, Megan. tomorrow is a new day. Let me be your strength. Let me be your joy." What refreshment. What hope!

Lastly, enjoy every moment. Soak up it. Cuddle with your baby as much as possible. It goes by so stinking fast. I am still reeling over the fact that my baby is half a year old. Pure craziness, I tell you!


Is there anything you've had to wrestle through in becoming a mother? What has God showed you about that/what have you learned?

I struggle with wanting/trying to be perfect. I want to have it all together. But, if motherhood doesn't humble you I don't know what will. Babies have little minds of their own. You can care the best you can for them, but they aren't always going to be perfect either...there will be diaper explosions, mini meltdowns (both from mommy and baby), sleepless nights, etc. I have also wrestled with the "when I am a mother I will never let my baby (insert whatever: i.e. take naps in his swing, watch a second of t.v., take a bottle of formula) because whatever you said you weren't going to let happen...will happen and it is not the end of the world!

God has brought me to end of myself daily. I believe that motherhood is just another way that the Lord chooses to sanctify his daughters. He is pruning me. Refining those rough spots. Reminding me to lean into his grace that much more.


Your blog has encouraged me to honor and speak well of my husband - What is something you have learned from your husband?

My husband teaches me new things daily. He points me to Christ and he shows me my need of Savior. He showers me with the grace of Christ and continually encourages me even when I am an emotional mess. He has taught me to step out side my comfort zone and to not sweat the small stuff. He reminds me not to worry, but to trust. He has taught me so much in the 6 years I have known him and it blesses my soul to know that I have him by my side encouraging and teaching me as we step into our future together. I am truly honored to be married to such a wonderful man of God and that the Lord brought him in to my life. Being married to Ty is truly an adventure to say the least. 


I want to say a big thank you to Mackenzie for allowing me share a little bit of my heart here on her blog! She really is the "real deal" and I have enjoyed getting to know her and her heart these last few months! AND can't wait to meet her at Influence in October!


Isn't Megan a wise, encouraging lady? I've turned off my comments today so that you can go tell her just how wonderful she is! If you need an uplifting, Godly friend, Megan is your girl!

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