Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Getting Out of the Way

Today I feel like getting out of the way.

I've been reflecting on the fact that everything we do teaches - our words, our actions, our attitudes - they all teach in one way or another. In each moment I have the opportunity to teach something Godly, or to teach something that is not an example worth following. I pray that my life teaches of the grace and goodness of God, but I know I mess up sometimes. Thank goodness for grace.

In light of these thoughts, I'll leave you with words that are infinitely more wise than mine. These words are trustworthy, for the One who is spoken of is the true, wise teacher.

Resting in this grace and freedom today.


  1. Mack - I love ya. Thanks for the reminder of this - Jesus in you is such an awesome teacher :)

  2. Hey Miss Mackenzie! Just wanted to share with you... got your comment today but couldn't reply back because you didn't have an email... so look... check this map and I bet there are more in your state than you think!


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