Tuesday, June 5, 2012

When It's Okay To Lie to Your Pregnant Wife

I usually don't condone lying to your spouse. (Or lying in general, for that matter.) But I will tell you one scenario when a husband is allowed to fudge the truth a little bit, in my opinion.

Last summer, Brian and I moved into a sweet little 2-bedroom house. I was almost 6 months pregnant and felt as big as, well, our house. Although I had quite a few months to go in my pregnancy, people were already asking me if I was "ready to pop." I'd politely tell them no, and then think, "do I really look that huge?" (To answer my question - yes. I did look that huge. Carrying a baby on my tiny frame was a sight to see.)

Me using Nicholas as a table. Anyone having flashbacks of Pheobe on "Friends?" Anyone? I was 6 months along in this photo.

After living in some wonderful but small apartments & dorm rooms, Brian and I were SO excited to move into our little house. One random thing I was excited about was having a full-length mirror. In our other homes, our mirrors were set so high that I could only see my face (and usually I had to be on my tip-toes). So I made sure that we installed a full-length mirror so I could see my whole baby belly as it grew!

One morning, pre-full-length mirror installation, I was chatting with Brian as I got ready for the day. I said to him, "Brian, isn't is amazing that I don't have any stretch marks yet? I'm almost 6 months pregnant and there's no sign of stretch marks! That probably means I won't get them at all!" Brian sweetly answered, "Yeah, honey, you look amazing!" And said nothing else. He is a smart, smart man. Little did I know what was hiding under my giant baby belly.

About a week later, we bought a full-length mirror at Target. We brought it home and Brian put it up in our bathroom. As I got ready the next morning, I looked at myself in the mirror. And I saw the shocking, dark red stretch marks ALL OVER my mid-section. My belly was so big that I wasn't able to see my stretch marks until I was standing in front of a mirror. As the realization hit that I was not one of the lucky women who have stretch-mark-free pregnancies, I burst into tears. I sobbed as Brian sincerely reassured me that I was the most beautiful woman in the world and that he was so happy that I was carrying our child. He is a good husband!

As I look back on that time, I think two things: #1 - Did I really think that I'd escape having stretch marks? I'm tinier than most 5th-grade girls, and I was carrying an almost 8lb. baby.  That is a recipe for major stretch markage. #2 - I'm so glad that when I naively told Brian "I don't have stretch marks!" that he kept his mouth shut. He let me enjoy ignorant bliss for a few weeks longer than I should have. When you're dealing with crazy pregnant lady super-hormones, that was a smart move.

If Brian lies to me about anything else, I'll be mad. But I don't mind a tiny omission of the truth when it comes to stretch marks. And now that I'm a mama, I realize that stretch marks aren't that big of a deal. I gladly invite them, if they are a part of getting to be a mom! Just don't point them out to to me the next time I'm carrying around a little bowling ball. I will gladly accept uplifting, slightly un-true remarks about how amazing I look. Just FYI.


  1. For me, I thought I was lucky enough to escape pregnancy without stretch marks also, and then the last few weeks before my due date, they erupted. I don't see how ANYONE comes away without stretch marks. But like you said, it's not as big of a deal as we like to think it is sometimes, and definitely worth the sweet children we get in return! I love reading your blog, by the way. :)

  2. great post! I just had my 3rd and I was HUGE this time around compared to the last two times ;)

    the comment to any preggo girl should always be "you look fabulous...I can't believe you are that far along!?" :)

  3. I love this! What a sweet hubby ;) This "fudging" is totally acceptable hehe.

  4. This should be shown to Justin Frase.

  5. Ha, this is so cute! What a good husband!

  6. I laugh so hard at your bloggs. I love them!


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