Friday, June 8, 2012

A Week in Pictures

This week was a little bit of a whirlwind!

There was some gorgeous sunshine...

...followed by days of rain (and even hail!)

...and I won a beautiful necklace from Soleil Selene! (I've been wanting one of these necklaces for awhile, and won one from Ashley's blog giveaway!) I think I'm going to wear it everyday.

We had a squirmy, happy guy...

...who has turned into a quiet, cuddle bug after yesterday's round of vaccines.

I also went out with my Mom's group for a ladies night, got to snuggle a beautiful 3-day-old baby girl, and took Nicholas in for his 6-month check-up. It was a busy week, and I'm hoping for a relaxing weekend.

Happy Friday!


  1. It looks so pretty where you live! And I can't even tell you enough how cute your little guy is! He's so so soooo adorable!!

  2. that was some big hail!! love your outfit with the necklace up there. so cute! THANKS for linking up with Just Because Friday today! ♥

  3. You are soo cute! I love that outfit! Nicholas is pretty cute too! :) And photogenic. Man! What a lucky guy!

  4. **nicholas is such a cute little guy! Congrats on winning that giveaway! I have been wanting one of those necklaces too...they are so pretty!

    happy weekend!

  5. I love your necklace! So pretty : )

  6. yay! I wear mine basically every day too!


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