Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A To-Do List on Steroids & Summer Mama Must-Haves!

We leave in 8 days for a month in Washington and Oregon! My brain hurts from all of the things I need to accomplish before we go, but I am so excited. And while much of our time will be spent doing work-related stuff, we've set aside some vacation time, which I am so looking forward to! I plan on spending most of that time snuggling my niece and nephews,  enjoying the kiddie pool with Nicholas, and seeing my extended family in Oregon!

Somehow, in the next 8 days, I need to: clean my house for our lovely house-sitters, attend my husband's School of Biblical Studies graduation dinner and ceremony, get ahead on blogging, help throw two parties, pack for a month-long trip (with a 6 month-old), and prepare for a few work-related presentations we'll be doing while at home.

My to-do list so far (including a meal plan - because we literally would not eat if I didn't put my dinner menu on our to-do list!):

I am praying that the Lord will give me extra hours in the day so that I can accomplish all these things, while still paying attention to my son and husband. And sleeping.

Here are a few fun summer-y ideas that are inspiring me to get through my massive to-do list:

- My mouth is watering already: 13 summer drinks, dips, and desserts. Cucumber and lime spritzer? Parmesan and spinach dip? I am so there!

- I plan on listening to John Mayer's new album for most of our 8-hour drive to Washington. It is SO good. (And a fun fact: He lives in Montana now! Yah, Montana is so cool.)

- Cute, easy wardrobe ideas for a summer getaway. I want to be on that beach right now!

- A simple guide to packing a suitcase! Hopefully this means I can cram in a month's worth of clothes, baby toys, diapers, and all the other baby stuff we need for a month!

- It's Brian's birthday next month, so maybe I can get a gift idea from this guide to 101 DIY gifts for men!

- Maybe I can try out a few of these summer activities for kids with my favorite 4 year-old nephew Mack!


  1. I really have to say that the Real Simple article was right, rolling clothes makes a HUGE difference. I managed to pack both of the twins clothes into one carry-on (6 days worth+shoes and other accoutrements). Just plan on doing laundry and you won't feel as much pressure to pack EVERYTHING.

  2. Oh my goodness, and I thought our recent week-long road trip (with Baby in tow) was intense! Good luck and God speed - You can do it :)

  3. i would certainly have a forever long packing list if we were going away with our little man for a month! you are going to have so much fun and make some pretty awesome memories with your families and your little man! happy packing!


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