Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Spot 'O Sunshine

This little boy is my spot of sunshine, my little sunbeam from the Lord who brightens my life! He has the silliest little personality and is so curious. It makes me laugh to watch how enamored he is by the smallest things - just the tag on a blanket can entertain him for 15 minutes. He is my little joy. (Thanks Stacy for the picture!)

I want to send a little sunshine your way, too! Today I'm introducing you to three women who are always a source of encouragement, and who inspire me in many ways: faith, DIY projects, family, fashion, recipes...the list could go on and on. Please take a moment to read about their little spaces on the internet, and their favorite blog posts that they've written! (I've checked them out, and there's a reason why they chose these specific posts!) If you want to be encouraged and inspired today, visit these gals!

Bloglovin'  I  RSS feed  I  Etsy ShopI'm Andi--a wife and mom of two, lover of Jesus, crafter, coffee drinker, and all-around typical first child.  My blog is full of tutorials, recipes, real-life reflections and I host a weekly photo link up where I explore my love for photography.  I hope you will stop by and say hello!Favorite Post: "So Much"

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Hi, I'm Jenn from Wuthering Iris. Wuthering Iris is a blog all about celebrating the things in life that put a smile on your face. Life tends to get busy fast and if you don’t stop to give thanks for the little things, life will fly right by. So, whether that be food, fashion, art, design, or just the daily surprises in life… I want to share them with you.
Favorite Post: "Cadbury Cream Egg Cupcakes"

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This is a blog about a normal life.  About the ups, downs, and ring-a-rounds of raising a toddler while attempting to be an innovative teacher, a devoted wife, and a faithful follower of Christ.  This is my quest to find my purpose and balance in this game of life.  Whether it’s trying to capture the many faces of my son Cruz through lots and lots of photos, or making a dent in our Summer Bucket List, I’m on a quest to live deliberately, and soak up the happy moments and simple pleasures of the world around us.  I love dinners on the back deck during the summer, traveling to new places in our own backyard or across the globe, going on picnics and playing at the park, and attempting to organize and create a happy home for my boys.
Favorite Post: "Dad's Day (and a DIY or two)"


Don't forget to stop by tomorrow for my 2nd "Girl Behind the Blog" video blog! I'll be sharing a little more about who I am, and a few things you wouldn't know about me just from reading. If you want to make your own vlog, click the picture below for more details! Thanks Ashley from 5ohWifey for hosting this link-up!

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