Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pint-Sized Moments: The Grocery Store Dilemma

There I was, standing in the cheese aisle at the grocery store. The Parmesan I needed for dinner that night sat two shelves higher than I could reach. I was all alone, besides my baby, and he's not much for reaching things quite yet (although he's getting there faster than I am!). This is a classic dilemma for pint-sized people like me. Do you find something to climb on? Ask someone for help, and risk looking like a lost 4th-grader? Convince yourself that you don't need the cheese and walk away in defeat?

I've gotten quite used to not being able to reach things in the grocery store. It's usually not a huge issue, unless I'm all alone in the aisle and there's no one to help. In that case you'll see me trying as hard as I can to reach the item, standing on my tiptoes and stretching out my fingers as far as they'll go. Sometimes I let out a little whimper and hope that someone compassionate can hear me from the next aisle over. One time this sad, embarrassing display caught the eye of a grocery store clerk who was halfway across the store, and they came over to help. I was very grateful, but also felt a little sheepish.

In the case of the Parmesan, I was lucky enough to turn around and see a nice looking lady walking down the aisle. I put on my best puppy-dog eyes and asked if she could help me reach the cheese. She gladly got it for me, and I walked away without too much embarrassment. It probably didn't hurt either than Nicholas was sitting in his stroller, batting his blonde little eyelashes at her. I highly recommend having a cute baby with you when you need to ask for help.

My charge to you today: the next time you're at a store and you see a short person trying to reach something, give them a hand! They might be a little embarrassed, but chances are they'll be grateful for the gesture. And to all the grocery stores out there: stock some step-stools on each aisle. Us shorties would really appreciate it.

Come back later today to find out why I needed that Parmesan so badly (i.e. a new recipe!)

Here's a little display of the fact that Nicholas really is gaining on me these days. I'm 23 and a half years older than him and he's almost half of my height, in terms of inches. Ay yi yi.


  1. i'll keep my eye out for the short people next time.... and i agree, they should have step stools on every aisle :-)

  2. Your son is adorable. I can absolutely relate to the whole short thing. I myself am 5'1". When at the grocery store I have to do the whole tippy-toe thing myself. I feel amazingly embarrassed if someone were to see me like that. I agree it would be nice if grocery stores remembered the short people. However, I have to look at being short as something to being cherished. I know that God fashioned me just the way that he wanted with his hands.

  3. At 4' 10" I have the same problem. I used to never ask for help and just climb on things like a monkey, even using the cart itself (highly dangerous). Now I just ask all the time.

    Here's a positive....when I was your age (you know, young) and salesmen would come to the door they would always say "Is your mom or dad home?" I'd say, no. I didn't have to tell them a lie to get rid of them!


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