Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Difference Between Yesterday & Today


Yesterday was "one of those days."

One of the "if one more little thing goes wrong, I'm going to lay on the floor next to my baby and cry" days.

Nothing HUGE happened; there were just several small things that were adding up, adding up, adding up.

I gave in, a little. I moped around for a bit. I sat on my couch with glassy eyes, pondering what I could do to fix all these little issues.

And then God gave me a little perspective. (At Dairy Queen, of all places. While helping Brian study for his final test. )

There are bigger things to spend an entire day moping over.

I have a healthy, beautiful family, and the happiest little boy around.

These little issues, after some prayer and a little bit of elbow grease, will work out.

There are too may things happening in my life that are worth celebrating, so why waste my time worrying?

So today, we're celebrating.

Today I will laugh about the fact that I live in such a small town that DQ is still a cool place to hang out.

Today, my husband completes a super intense year of studying the Bible.

Today, we get to spend the day at the park with Brian's classmates, and a night out (sans baby) to celebrate his graduation.

Today I get to wear a pretty dress and put on some heels (which never happens in perpetually casual Montana) and have a date with my husband!

Today there is a lot worth celebrating.

Today I will remember that God is good in ALL situations and that His death on the cross for me (and for you!) brings life and joy to my soul. Thank you Jesus!


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  1. I really needed to hear something positive today and you provided it. Thank you!

  2. completely agree god is great!

  3. Found you through This Little Momma. You and your family are adorable. Thanks for your positive words and the abundance of photos of your baby boy! Y'all make me smile :)

  4. You are so right! There is always something to be joyful about because there is joy in Christ.

  5. I'm from a super small town too. Walmart and Pizza Hut were the hang out spots haha! I love your hair sooo much btw. It's super cute up like that.

  6. I have had days like what you described in the beginning but the Lord always gives me a little perspective shift too and i can't help but praise him for his goodness and faithfulness.

    i love dairy queen. don't you know all cool people hang out there. the chocolate dipped cones are the best!

  7. Amen, we have a lot to celebrate indeed :-)

  8. Thanks for this! I definitely needed to hear that there are bigger things to mop about!
    God is GOOD in all situations. A thing I need to remember.

    Also, that dipped cone looks really good! Pregnant lady over here! ;)

  9. you are such an inspiration, i'm so glad your day turned around. love and hugs! :)


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