Friday, June 29, 2012

Did I Not Tell You That I'm A Farmer?

Have I ever mentioned that I moonlight as an asparagus farmer? Ok, maybe not as a real job...maybe just the one time on Wednesday. But I am the best 4'8" asparagus picker you've ever seen!

My brother, his beautiful wife Anca, and their son Ralph live in a beautiful cedar log cabin, next to a pear & apple orchard. This orchard also happens to also grow asparagus, one of my favorite veggies in the world! So I unashamedly ran around the orchard picking any asparagus stalk I could find. (Don't worry, I wasn't stealing. This was allowed :) ) I felt like a real country girl, even in my boat shoes and skinny jeans. It was a gorgeous night in Eastern Washington, and I'd love to share a few photos with you.

Pretending to be a farmer + spending time in the summer air + cuddling with nephews = a perfect start to this Washington trip! The only downside of this trip so far is that Nicholas is boycotting his car seat. I guess being stuck in it for 7 hours one day and then 3 hours the next is not his idea of fun. Apparently we'll be walking more than I had anticipated! :)

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Looks like fun! By the way, what part of the Seattle area are you from? I grew up in the Maple Valley/Black Diamond area. Small world :)

  2. i love asparagus! :) looks like ya'll are having a blast...i am praying right now that nicholas will start to love his carseat again!

  3. Gorgeous!!! Absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!


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