Saturday, June 16, 2012


Dads are for...

Showing off their babies with a proud smile

Being a stand-in pacifier so mom can get a few minutes of peace and quiet


Being silly!

Playing outside

Showing boys how to be boys

Making Mommy nervous

And tearfully walking their daughters down the aisle.

Happy Father's Day to my incredible husband and to my amazing father! You are both amazing men that I am so blessed to have in my life.

Dad, you have been an amazing example of someone who faithfully loves Jesus. You courageously love people, especially the ones who others would say are "hard to love." Thank you for showing me what true servant-hood looks like, for being the best soccer coach around, and for being such a loving Grandpa. I love you and I am so thankful for you.

Brian, you are an incredible father. You love Nicholas so much that it literally shows in your body, your words, and in your actions. From the first night Nicholas was in this world, you have showed me how to love him unconditionally, and you have served us both. Our son will know how much he is loved, by you and by God, because of how you treat him. Nicholas is just so blessed to have you as his Dad. Watching you make him giggle and squeal like no one else can fills a special spot in my heart. I can't wait to watch your relationship continue grow! I love you!

Here's a little something from Nicholas:

And Happy Father's Day to my brother Jordan, my brother-in-law Nels, and my brother-in-law Dan. I love watching you be such amazing Daddys!

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  1. Thanks Mack, Being a dad is my favorite thing!


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