Monday, June 4, 2012

6 Month Photos

Floppy hats + plenty of leg rolls + giant cheeks + sunshine = a really fun afternoon with my 6-month-old. Yes, my son is 6-months-old today! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?! Can it really be that half of a year ago I was walking the halls of the hospital and watching The Office, as I waited for my sweet little boy to enter the world? It has been the best and most rewarding 6 months of my life. Happy 6 months, Nicholas! (Cuz when you're a mom, you make a reason to celebrate anything.)

Here's to chubby 6-month-olds and sunny weather!


  1. hey, just wanted to tell you that i hung out and stalked your blog this am and love it. love it. you are precious. i did two summers with YWAM and was delighted to read this is what you and your husband do. some of my favorite summers were spent in texas and mexico with youth with a mission. hope you are having an awesome day! m

  2. Nicholas is pretty darn cute and he really looks like grandpa Ralph!


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