Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What to Do When Your Mom is in Town: DATE NIGHT!

That's right, Brian and I went on our first date since having Nicholas. He's almost 6 months old, so it was about time! We've taken Nicholas out with us plenty of times, but we've never been out child-free.

I seriously felt like I was getting ready for prom or my first date. I tried on a thousand belts and took way too long to manage my frizzy mane. And might I say, my hubby shines up pretty darn nice!

(Also, the last time I attempted these heels was for a night out when I was pregnant. Let's just say that last night I felt a thousand times more graceful, since I wasn't waddling around with a giant belly. Heels after baby > heels while carrying giant baby.)

We took Brian's truck and went to our favorite local brewery! (We also might have chosen the restaurant because it's only a mile away from our house, and the next closest options are Dairy Queen or are 25 minutes away. Maybe next time I'll be more brave and venture farther from home.) I had amazing salmon while Brian had ribs - he's a true Montanan man! Over a delicious stout ice cream sundae, we joined in the brewery's trivia night. Our team name? "Team Put Me in Your Pocket," since we're both pretty small. Needless to say, we were not even close to winning. (We're from Seattle, how are we supposed to know things about Nascar?)

I already loved my mother, but I love her even more now. She practically shooed us out of the house so that she could have some Grandma time with Nicholas, and so that we could get out. They had a lot of fun!
Usually Nicholas is not a big fan of being without me, so I was kind of expecting the worst. But he made me a proud mama by easily taking a bottle and giggling with my Mom. When we came home, he had just woken up and was ready to snuggle.

Thank you Mom for allowing us to get out on a date! It was revitalizing for our marriage, a lot of fun, and was just another reminder of how much I love my hubby. To all the new parents out there - go out on a date sooner than when your child is 6 months. It's totally worth it.


  1. Aw I bet it was lovely having some baby free time- we don't get to do it very often but when we do we have a great time. And it is always lovely to go back and see them.x


  2. You looked stunning Mack! glad you got a night out :)

  3. You guys look lovely! I love love your outfit. Super cute :D

  4. you two look awesome! what a darling couple!


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