Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pint-Sized Moments: How to Take Photos with a Short Person - A Tutorial

Today I have a useful tutorial for you! Have you ever been in a situation where you had to pose for a picture with your shorter-than-average friend? Maybe you felt uncomfortable because you didn't know what to do with the fact that their head was right next to your armpit! Try these simple strategies for a less awkward picture-taking experience! (And please note my sarcasm.)

1. The Lean-Down

This first option involves you, the taller person, bending slightly at the knees so that your head is at the same level as your shorter friend. Extra points for a sassy head tilt.

2. The Sit-Down

If you are a lot taller, try sitting down and having your shorter friend stand next to you. People may even be tricked into thinking that you are the smaller one!

3. The Depth Perception Trick

Have the shortest person stand in front of everyone else. People looking at the picture will be fooled by the off-set depth perception, and then the pint-sized person will blend right in!

4. The Stand-On

Give your small friend something to stand on and voila! Instant inches added to their height.

5. The Pick-Up

If all else fails, just pick up the small person and hold them in your arms. Everyone will be so distracted by how muscular your arms look that they won't notice your friend's lack of height. (This is my twin brother, so it's ok for me to comment about his muscles.)

So there you have it! The quick and easy steps for a perfect photo with your pint-sized friends.


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  1. I love your wedding wedding picture! You look so beautiful. I love your dress! This post is so fun. Surprisingly my husband and I have the height problem too. He is 6'3 which makes him a foot taller than me!


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