Wednesday, May 2, 2012

One of My Most Embarrassing Pint-Sized Moments

I'm used to people mistaking me for a child. Usually they do a double-take and say something like, "Oh my goodness, for a second there I thought you were a kid!" And I laugh and say "You're not the first person to say that!" After all, I have many moments like this:

And I usually look like the "kid sister" when I'm with my friends or siblings:

But the following story is one of my most cringe-worthy moments.

Last summer, a friend of mine was hosting a party where nice kitchen utensils are displayed and you can order the products. A very sweet woman was demonstrating the products to a bunch of my friends and co-workers. It was a fun party and we were all enjoying ourselves. The lady who was demonstrating the products was asking for volunteers to try out some of the kitchen utensils. She asked if someone would come demonstrate a special lemon-zesting utensil. As I have shared about previously, I am a total newbie in the kitchen, and at that time I had no idea what zesting was. (For the record, I do now. I zest like a pro.) I wasn't about to volunteer to show off a tool that I had no idea how to use! So I did what we all do and diverted my eyes from making eye-contact with this lady. To no avail. She said something like, "I bet you want to try this out! Come on up here!" So, reluctantly, I popped up off of the blanket I was seated on to the demonstration area.

I didn't realize until I was in front of all of my friends that this lady thought I was a child who was attending the party with their mother! I'm sure the dumbfounded look on my face as she handed me a lemon and this foreign looking utensil (the zester) did not help the situation. I had no clue what to do with it. And what adult woman doesn't know how to zest a lemon? So, in front of everyone, she proceeded to show me how to zest this little lemon, encouraging me that I was doing a great job. She even had everyone cheer for me. I'm pretty sure my cheeks were as red as they've ever been. On the upside, I won some cute cupcake boxes, so that (mostly) made up for the embarrassment.

As I sat down after my little show, I wasn't totally convinced that this woman thought I was a child. Maybe she was just being really nice? But the looks on the faces of my friends proved my theory to be correct. They all knew what had just taken place. And they graciously encouraged me afterwards that they thought it was sweet and funny, and that I shouldn't feel embarrassed.

Looking back on this moment, my cheeks still feel a little hot from how much I was blushing. But I mostly feel a bit bad for the lady who mistook me for a child. I don't like making people feel bad when they say/do something that embarrasses me, so I hope she never finds out that I'm actually a married woman with a baby! Nice demonstrator lady (whom I bought a product from) - if you're reading this, don't worry! It was funny! You're not the first person to think I'm a child, and you won't be the last. In 10 years I'll probably take it as a compliment.


  1. my sister gets the same comments often and is so frustrated by them. But like you said, in 10 years from now she'll be glad she looks so young :)

  2. I'm glad she can relate :) It's important to remember to have least people think we're younger than we are, not the other way around. I just peeked at your blog...I love it! So cute and creative!


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