Friday, May 18, 2012

On Having a Womb-Mate Part 3: All Grown Up

Growing up as a twin, you are always referred to as a unit. I was never just Mackenzie, and my twin brother was never just Taylor. We were "the twins." You grow up with less of a sense of individuality, and more of a sense of companionship - and I mean that in the best way possible. Of course we had our own passions and talents, but we experienced a lot of our lives together. In my mind, Taylor was "the man in my life," and always would be.

High school graduation was a rude awakening. At that point Taylor and I had never been apart from each other for more than 2 weeks (and that 2 weeks was right after we were born, when he went home from the hospital and I was still in the NICU.) I remember the day my parents and I dropped Taylor off at college. Driving away, without him in the car, felt wrong. It was the beginning of us living our own, separate lives. No one can prepare a twin for that moment!

Us at our high school graduation party:

And then, a few years later, Brian and I got engaged. I'm pretty sure it took Taylor until the day of my wedding to fully realize that his twin sister was getting married. He was definitely in denial for a little while! It was a strange moment when I realized that the person I was the most connected to was no longer Taylor - it was my husband. Of course that's a healthy change because I was getting married, but it was strange nonetheless.

Taylor and I on my wedding day:

Taylor got married last June, to an amazing woman named Lorien. It was a beautiful ceremony and I absolutely love his wife, but my heart ached a little bit. I think in a similar way that parents feel a sense of loss when giving away their child in marriage, I felt like I was losing Taylor. We had finally grown out of being a unit. We were no longer just "the twins," we were "Mackenzie & Brian" and "Taylor & Lorien." We have our own families now.

 Even though we're both married and live in different states, Taylor and I are still close.  He's not just an uncle to my son, he's a "twuncle" - a twin uncle! (It's ok, go ahead and gag. I know I'm sappy. But we really did coin that term.) Also, I fully plan on being his children's favorite auntie. We may not see each other very often, but there's a bond that can't easily be broken when you've shared a womb. And I am very grateful for that.
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  1. How sweet! I can only imagine that was a difficult change to go through. I have a little brother and it was hard for us too - but a twin is a whole different story!

  2. This is so sweet! And p.s your wedding dress & shoes = AMAZING!!
    xo gorgeous friend!!


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