Thursday, May 3, 2012

On Having a Womb-Mate Part 2: My Brother Wins the "Best Twin" Award

I'm just going to come out and say it - I was not always the easiest sister to live with. I've always been a little (cough, a lot) high stress, I am the definition of a verbal processor, and I'm happiest with someone by my side. My poor twin brother. He is incredibly laid back and low-maintenance, is a complete internal processor, and must have alone time in order to function as a happy human being. I don't think we could be more opposite. Now, judging based on our different personalities, who do you think got their way most of the time? If you guessed me, you'd be right. Looking back at my years growing up with my twin brother, Taylor, I realize now that it wasn't because he was a pushover that I usually got my way; it was because he is incredibly patient and servant-hearted. He wins the "Best Twin" award, in my book.

I have vivid memories of Taylor coming to my rescue when I was having a meltdown over math homework. Genius boy, as I affectionately call him, was the only person who could calm me down and get me to focus. While I was busy crying over my inability to add without my fingers, Taylor was walking me through each step of my homework, patiently guiding me, and usually helping me pass my tests. Without you Tay, who knows if I'd ever have passed Algebra 2. Or Physics. Or Biology. I love you.

Most of our growing up years, I had no idea what personal space was. Taylor, a mature introvert, was able to be genuinely happy spending an hour or two playing by himself. I, on the other hand, could play on my own for about 5 minutes before knocking on his bedroom door and trying to see what he was up to. I remember one instance where he told me that he was having some alone time, and I told him that we could have alone time, but together. So we played, by ourselves, on opposite sides of the room. This probably lasted all of 10 minutes before I was trying to hold his hand or some other intrusion on his personal space. Maybe it's the fact that we shared a crib for the first year of our life, but I never wanted to be apart from him! I know he loves and adores me, but he enjoys being independent. Here's just once instance of me harassing him in high school:

It's funny, because if I was Taylor, I'd probably spend most of our time together rolling my eyes and telling me to get a grip. But instead he's always been so encouraging, supportive, and the best friend possible. If I could be just a little bit more like him everyday, I'd be a lucky gal.

Tay, thanks for not just putting up with me, but genuinely loving me. Even though you probably hated it, you always let me hold your hand and hug you. (I promise I give him personal space now that we're both married.) I always have wanted to be more like you. You think before you speak, you're SO wise, you are a hard-worker, and you are one of the most like-able people in the world. You have an authentic, strong faith in the Lord that comes from years of faithful service to Him. And you are ridiculously witty.

And I'm sorry for the time that I stuck half of a peanut butter sandwich to the side of your face. You have to admit though, it was pretty funny.


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  1. I love being a twin! Right now, my twin sister lives about 7 hours away. Way too far.

  2. Being a twin is seriously the best. I know, I live 8 hours from my twin brother, it's dumb! The distance definitely makes saying hello again so wonderful.


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