Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Letter to My Son: Letting You Be A Boy

My sweet Nicholas,

At almost 5 months old, you are already such a boy. You love squealing, spitting, and grunting. Your dad makes you giggle the hardest and you love standing on his lap and squishing his face between your chubby fingers.

I love all the things that make you uniquely you. When you think something is kind of funny, but not funny enough to warrant a belly laugh, you let out a little grunt. And your thighs. Don't even get me started, or I could go on all day. Those beasts are substantial.

It might not always be easy for me, but I want to let you be boy. I want you to explore, have adventures, and live the wonderful life that God has planned for you. Just don't be surprised if I have a first-aid kit in my purse and 911 on speed dial. That's what moms of boys are supposed to do!

I want you to wrestle with your dad, pretend to be a ninja, and eat all the food in our house after a long day of playing outside. You'll probably be messy, want to show off to your friends, and someday try to impress the ladies with your car-driving abilities. I can't wait until the day that you can brag to your friends about how much taller you are than your mom. (But I'm sorry, it won't take you very long, so it's not that impressive.)

Though I want to assist you every time you try something new, I know that even at this young age you need to explore some things on your own. I can't protect you from everything, and if I tried to, I could unintentionally squash your little spirit. I pray that I will never stand in the way of letting you try new things or be independent. I can't let my own insecurities get in the way of you living a full life.

So when you go on your first sleepover and you're super excited, I'll put on my bravest face. I'll help you pack your bag and ask you about all the fun things you are going to do with your buddies. And then I'll probably be up half the night praying for you and wondering if you are doing ok. But, I assume, the Lord will assure me that He has you in his hands, and that little boys are supposed to be wiggly, dirt-stained, and full of questions. And I'll be waiting for the next morning when I can pick you up and have you tell me about how you stayed up all night playing video games and ate a dozen pancakes because you were so hungry.

Just remember that mom's need snuggling from their boys every once in awhile, ok? I did carry you in my belly for nine months, and I've got a pretty gnarly scar to prove it. Don't boys think scars are cool?...On the other hand, it would probably gross you out to even talk about a c-section. But you still have to hug me because I'm your mom!

I love you my boy. Go explore the world and become the man of God that I know is in you!
Love, your Mama.


  1. Nicholas is ADORABLE! And if it's any consolation, I have two girls and a boy. My boy is the snuggliest. Great post!

  2. I loved this! I have girls, but I still totally relate. It's hard letting them do their own thing when you just want to keep them safe.

  3. You made me cry a little, just a lovely post tis all :)

  4. Thanks Lora! That's great to know :) I hope Nicholas is like your son!

  5. Thank you, that was so sweet! I hope it was a good kind of crying :)

  6. Thank you Mandy! I'm guessing it's a universal mom feeling to want to protect your's amazing how being a mom connects you so well with other women!

  7. Definately...I can get really soppy these days,must be the baby hormones :)


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