Thursday, May 17, 2012

Eating My Words

There are times in my life when I tell someone "I'm learning such and such life lesson right now, but I'm so glad because I know that it will help me later on in life." And then a few days later I am faced with a situation that forces me to have to put that lesson into practice. Yesterday was one of those days.

A few days ago I talked about embracing every stage of parenthood. How each season is special and they pass so quickly that it's important to enjoy every day. Well yesterday I was eating my words. I wanted to throw open my laptop, start up Google Chrome, and erase my blog post. Parenting is not always easy and half of the time I feel like I'm trouble-shooting. When I finally master one stage, Nicholas begins to do something new that I have to decipher all over again. Each stage does come with amazing new discoveries, but they also come with new reasons for me to stand there and scratch my head in bewilderment. Or cry. Or both.

For most of his life Nicholas has been a very easygoing baby. He is almost always happy, he loves smiling and giggling, and has slept like a champ since he was a month old. Now at 5 months old, he has begun rolling over. While I'm happy about this little milestone, it proves to be frustrating when every time he wakes up from a nap he's rolled himself into a position that he can't get out of. He lays in his crib, his face in his mattress, sobbing. Poor, confused little guy. Not only is he upset, but then I get close to being hysterical. It really worries me that even though he's capable of lifting his head, he just buries his face into the mattress and won't roll back over. The other night I made a tearful phone call to my mom and it took her a good 30 minutes to talk me off the ledge. (I'm pretty sure calming their children down is one reason why God made moms.) We made a game plan for how to handle the situation. She assured me that this is only a stage, and that he will learn to roll back over. Life will go on.

I then remembered what I had shared with all of you. I cheerfully shared about each stage having it's ups and downs, but that there are wonderful moments to celebrate at each stage. After kicking myself for posting something on the internet that I obviously have trouble being consistent in practicing, I calmed down. I focused on the game plan that my Mom and I made for this rolling over in the crib business. I assured myself that, in probably a week or two, this rolling over fiasco will be a thing of the past, and I'll have a new challenge to tackle. My once stationary baby is becoming mobile, but I don't have to dread that. He's growing up, little by little, and I want to enjoy every moment of it.

So this is me trying to be real. This is me remembering that I'm not perfect, and that while I desire to be a positive and laid-back mother, I will have my uptight days. This is me desiring apply the things that I'm learning to the circumstances of my life. And this is me hoping that the silly things that I do and the lessons I (slowly) learn will somehow be a blessing to you!


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  1. I really needed to read this today. I was having an "I'm not doing a good job as a mommy" day and lately I've been feeling really overwhelmed. My son is teething and tantruming and cranky from weaning. *sigh....

    Thank you for your insight. You reminded me to be more self-forgiving and patient. You're right, we have to grow along and change along with our babies!

  2. first of he is adorable! hope his sleeping woes will be worked out asap!

    second, i have been on the phone multiple times with my mom this week picking her brain about why my little one is waking up for his nap after only being asleep for 45 minutes! ((sigh and hang head)).

    our posts for today...have the same theme. we aren't perfect. something i am constantly reassured of. but, the great thing is that we don't need to be. :) when i have rough mommy days, i am so blessed by the truth that "his mercies are new every morning!!!"

  3. Thank you for being honest and opening up because we dont have children yet and I love how other bloggers almost pave the way for me...letting me know it will be OKAY if I am not the perfect mama. I can't help but to smile as those cheeks!

  4. We just went through the roling over stage last month! ha! Owen is getting more used to it now. poor little babies. : )


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