Monday, April 30, 2012

Why you wish that you could see me order at Subway (A "pro" of beingshort!)

There are many "pros" of being my height. Please let me share one with you!

Yesterday we went out to eat at Subway. I am a huge sandwich fan. My pregnancy was 9 months of pure agony because I wasn't able to order my favorite sandwich from Subway. (I'm exaggerating, but that whole "no eating cold deli meat while you're pregnant" rule made me one mad lady. I was a little scary, just ask Brian.) Now I get overly excited when my husband even mentions Subway. Yesterday my eyes literally lit up when my friend suggested we go there. It was a little bit pathetic.

Besides my love for sandwiches, I have another reason for enjoying my dining experience at Subway: If you've been to Subway, you know that there is a glass "sneeze-guard" over the condiments and sandwich toppings. When ordering your sandwich, you typically look over the glass to talk to the Subway employees. I happen to stand at the perfect height so that the top of the glass completely blocks my face from the view of the employees. So either I stand on my tip-toes in order to make eye contact, or they hunch down a bit so that they can see my face. It makes for an extremely entertaining ordering experience.

Here's an example:

- Subway employee scans the line to see who is up next to order. Employee can't see me (since I am perfectly blocked from their view) so they try and ask the person in line behind me what they want to order. I jump up and surprise them as I start shouting out my order.
- Subway employee ducks their head a little ways under the glass to try and see me.
- I then stand on my tip-toes and make myself barely tall enough to see over the glass. Subway employee is still hunching down. I then hunch down to meet their gaze, but at the same time they stand up to make eye contact with me at tip-toe height.
- We miss each other's eyes and end up alternately bobbing up and down a few times before I finally continue my order.

See? I told you it was entertaining when I order at Subway!  Seriously, you gotta try it sometime. The next time you're at Subway with a friend, bend your knees until the top of your head is at your friend's shoulder. Then try ordering from that height and see what fun ensues! I wish I had pictures to document my Subway entertainment, but instead I'll leave you with some adorable pictures of Nicholas. The last picture might just be his poo face...he's going to kill me for this when he's older.


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  1. Ohhh my word Nicholas is a doll baby! So precious!

  2. Thanks Vanessa! I think so too :)


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