Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pint-Sized Moments: The Awkward Moment When Your Feet Don't Touch TheFloor. Ever.

To the untrained eye, these might look like your typical, everyday photos of a mom and her sweet, chunky, smiley baby.

What these photos are actually capturing is the lovely, awkward, and back-breaking reality that when I sit down, my feet are nowhere near touching the floor. Welcome to my pint-sized life! (Also pictured is the fact that my couch cushions are chronically slouchy, but I'm pretending you can't see that!)

It is always a source of joy for others when they discover that my feet don't touch the ground when I sit down. When sitting on my couch at home, I usually have my feet resting on our coffee table, or I sit cross-legged. At church, at restaurants, at friend's houses, movie theaters, you'll usually see my feet dangling and swinging in the air, a good 6 inches above the floor. Swinging my feet back and forth does not help the whole "you-look-like-a-child" thing. But I can't help it. When you can't put your feet on the floor they go numb really easily, so I swing them! And consequently look like a child.

My challenge to you: try sitting like a Pint-Sized Mama! The next time you take a seat, sit as far back as possible and bring your knees up so that your feet don't touch the ground (because I'm assuming you all have beautiful, model-like long legs that easily reach the floor.) Trying swinging your feet back and forth and feeling the wind between your toes. Then plant your feet back on the ground and be happy at how comfortably you can sit as a normal height-ed person! I'll try not to envy you. Feel free to share with me your experience of being an honorary Pint-Sized Mama. :)

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  1. my dad participated in a similar experience a few years ago. someone at church was talking about helping our children to be reverent during church, and they mentioned that it's difficult to sit still when your legs can't bend at the end of the church bench, or your feet can't touch the ground. the woman set up a high wooden folding table and asked my dad and another man to sit far back on the table so their knees weren't bent and their legs weren't touching the ground. she asked them to sit like that for the entire meeting and to sit still while doing so. he said it was surprisingly difficult!

  2. Hey Mack, I can definitely relate. Although I'm not quite as short, I have a long torso and short legs for my height, so I often have to sit forward or else put a pillow on the floor if I want to rest my feet.
    On another note, how did you find the much love illy etsy shop? I know the shop owner from college, and we taught Sunday School together in Chicago! :)

  3. I'm glad you can relate, Amber! I can't believe that you know Ilene from Much Love Illy? What a small world! I found her shop through a blog that I follow and now I read Ilene's blog everyday! :) That's so funny!

  4. That is really funny! I'll have to have some of my tall friends try that experiment sometime. It makes me smile to imagine your dad doing that :) Love you friend.

  5. I tried your challenge today and I have to admit it is not as easy as it seems. My best friend is short but not as short as you she is 4'10" but goes through the same things that you do. I am 5'10" so I can't relate to the short but many times I am too tall for clothes. Your blogs are great to read and you are a wonderful mother and a writer. Is it hard for you to find shoes in your size ever I wear an 11 and it is pretty hard and do you have your own stool for the kitchen like my friend or do you stand on the counters.

  6. Michelle, this just made my day! I'm glad you "sat" in my shoes for a few minutes :) You and your best friend sound like my best friend and I...she's 5'10" too. Thank you for your encouraging comment! I love your questions too! Shoes - oh my goodness. It's probably a bit easier to find shoes that are my size than for you, but it's many stores that I shop at don't carry a size 5, which is what I wear. And I do have a little stool that collapses so that it fits in the corner of my kitchen :)

  7. I have just come across your blog and had to laugh- while you are pint sized, my husband is ginormous- make me feel like I am pint sized at 5"5. It's funny to hear the problems from the other end of the scale as we are constantly having to battle trying to fit a big man into a little man's world :P I just wrote a post about having to adjust our lawn mower so he could use it and have also included a photo of us on our wedding day that you would find amusing (and maybe encouraging knowing that you're not the only one having height battles!)


  8. Oh my goodness...I am amazed at the pictures of you and your husband on your wedding day! Thank you so much for sharing that with me!


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