Tuesday, April 10, 2012

One Year Ago Today & A Happy Birthday

I can't believe it. It has been one year to the day that my life changed in the most amazing, nausea-inducing, weight-gaining, joy-filled way. On this day last year we found out we were pregnant with Nicholas! To this day I can't tell you why I took a pregnancy test. We had just gotten home from two months in Guatemala and so I blamed jet-lag and exhaustion from traveling for the fact that certain things were a little off, if you know what I mean. I wasn't feeling nauseous, wasn't overly tired, nothing was really out of the ordinary. It was a Sunday morning and I was getting ready for church while my hubby was sleeping. I had found a pregnancy test in my bathroom cupboard the night before and thought (for reasons beyond me) "I should take that in the morning." So when I woke up I decided to take the test.

To preface this, I am Mrs. Paranoid when it comes to being pregnant. At that point in almost 3 years of being married, I had taken at least 9 or 10 pregnancy tests. It's not that we were trying to get pregnant, I'm just crazy and really wanted to have a baby. So while I waited for the test results, I wasn't nervous at all. I didn't really think that I was pregnant, so I fully expected to see a negative result.

 Within 10 seconds of taking the test, the word "PREGNANT" popped up.


Just the week before my husband and I had the "we should think about getting pregnant" talk, but we weren't really "trying." That was fast.

So, being the tactful woman that I am, I ran from the bathroom to our bedroom, poked my sleeping husband, and shoved the pregnancy test in his face. He woke up to the word "Pregnant" on a test that was still dripping with pee. He loves how glamorous and lady-like his wife is.

He rubbed his eyes and look at me and we both smiled. We hugged, prayed for our little baby, and then paced our apartment for about an hour. I was overjoyed and shocked. I've wanted to be a mom since I can remember. Oh boy, I loved that day! Yes, in the days that followed I became extremely nauseous, tired, and all that other fun pregnancy stuff. But I never could have dreamed up the sweet and funny little boy that the Lord gave to us in Nicholas. Oh what a day.

It was also a fun day because we got to give the best birthday present to my wonderful mother-in-law! It was so fun to call her on her birthday and say "You're going to be a Grandma times three!"

I'm sorry, Mary, that this year's gift isn't as exciting. Happy birthday to a wonderfully sweet and generous woman who is such a devoted mother and grandmother. She is also the best at making babies laugh, it's pretty funny. I love you Mary!

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