Thursday, April 26, 2012

Newborn Photos You Haven't Seen Yet!

I would love to share a few of Nicholas's newborn pictures with you. I started this blog a month and a half after he was born, so some of the early photos never made their way here. In a few days he'll be five months old - how is that possible? At birth he shocked us all by being close to 8lbs and now he's almost half of my height. I love this little chunk!

When I look at these photos, which is often, I can't help but tear up. He was such a little peanut! And you will see that his voluptuous, squishy cheeks have been around since day one. Enjoy!

(If you'd like to see his birth story, including pictures, please go here.)

Thank you for enjoying these pictures with me today! I hate to sound cliche, but man, kids grow up so fast! Have a wonderful Thursday!


  1. Hi Mackenzie! :) I'm just finding your adorable blog! :) Loving the pictures of your [once] newborn, so so precious! love that he is so chubby now! You and Brian sound like awesome parents! I'm excited to read your future posts!

  2. How cute!!!! Thanks for sharing these...He is precious.


  3. Karly, thanks for your comment and for your readership! I so appreciate it. You and your hubby look like a fun couple, your blog is so fun!


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