Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Must Read Article for Women (Mommies & Non-Mommies Alike!)

Hey, it's me again. Just sitting on my couch while my baby takes a surprisingly long nap, sipping on a mug of french-pressed coffee and devouring a slice of peanut butter & Nutella toast.  My couch and floor are littered with kleenex (I'll clean them up eventually) but I think I'm on the up and up.

I'm looking up recipes for homemade sugar-free Nutella and trying to decide if I'll ever be ambitious enough to make it. But it sure looks good!

I wanted to share this article with you that I found on Facebook today. It encouraged me SO very much and it's worth the read, especially for moms. It talks about how as women, and mothers, we don't have to live up to the "my living room, DIY projects, and weekly dinners could be on Pinterest" type of motherhood that we sometimes strive for. Most of the blogs we read and pictures we see aren't always an accurate reflection of what's actually going on in someone's life. They are a snapshot of one nice-looking portion of their life, but it's not their entire life.

I hope to always be honest and real on this here little blog. I am far from a perfect mother, wife, friend, sister, or daughter. My house is never clean, somedays I let my child watch TV because I'm not paying attention, I don't usually have dinner ready until 7pm, and I blow-dry my hair about once a week. I am grumpy to my husband, my feelings get hurt easily, and I probably care too much about how I look. I'm just so happy that my family, my friends, and the Lord love me for who I am. I hope I can be a reflection of someone who is real, but who also enjoys celebrating the special moments in life! Go read that article now!


  1. How refreshing! Completely agree.... ps love the first-thing-in-the-morning shot; you look amazing!

  2. Thank you for the wonderful link, Mackenzie. I am not a mother yet, but my husband and I are planning to have children in the near future and already I find myself wondering if I will be able to be what so many mother are (or seem to be): creative, upbeat, multitasking.

    There are so many ideas and diy projects and inspiration out there these days that it is absolutely impossible to do it all. It takes thousands of users to make Pinterest what it is. And when you're alone, scrolling through that endless page of "must-do projects" it makes you feel absolutely useless, doesn't it? I just like reminding myself of the things I did accomplish recently. Pinterest should be an inspiration board, not a to-do list. Thank you for reminding us of that. I also want to follow suit and take a pledge to be as real and as myself as I can on my blog (and in the blogosphere in general). Cheers!

  3. Kate, thank you for your comment! Your compliment made me smile :) I thought this article was great too! Thanks for reading!

  4. Tania, thank you for your comment and for reading! I totally agree with you - Pinterest should be for inspiration, not something to compare yourself too. Good point! Even without kids life can be crazy, so adding kids the mix adds another element :) You can make time for the things you want to do, I'm learning to really have to prioritize and realize when things just aren't realistic.


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