Monday, April 23, 2012

Love, Grace, and Imperfect Parenting

Sometimes I forget that I've only been a mom for just over 4 months. Days go by so quickly and it feels like Nicholas has been a part of our family forever! I am too good at being hard on myself and believing that I should be a parenting guru by now. Then I look at the calendar and remember that Nicholas was born in I'm still a total mom newbie.

The transition from having no children to become a parent is not always an easy one. There are days where I feel like a natural mom, and I think that someone should make a TV show out of my life or write a book about me. Then there are other days (most days) where I get frustrated, feel like a failure, and want to hide in the mountains of unfolded laundry that litter my house. Parenting takes so much patience, so much perseverance, so much sacrifice.

Last night my husband put Nicholas in his crib to sleep, and we both stood there and watched. He rolled to his side, pulling his legs up underneath him as he nestled into his favorite sleeping position. I stood there marveling at how beautiful he is and how lucky I am to be his mama. He is truly such a gift to me.

Without thinking, I asked my husband, "do you think this is how God looks at us sometimes?" But as I asked the question, I already knew the answer. If I, an imperfect mother, feel so much love and grace for my child, how much more does the perfect Father have endless love and grace for me? I like to imagine God watching me fall asleep, smiling to Himself about how much He loves me and how much He loves being my Father.

I pray that I can remember this as I go about my daily mama tasks. As I'm changing diapers or laughing at Nicholas's silly expressions, I want to meditate on the massive love of our Heavenly Father. Parenting shows me just an ounce of the perfect love that God has for His children. Nicholas doesn't have to earn my love. It takes one smile, one giggle, one chubby hand trying to take off my glasses, for me to light up and instantly shower him with pride-filled praise. I don't imagine it takes anything more than that for God to beam with joy over us, His children.


  1. I truly believe God gives us children so that we can understand (just a little bit) how He feels about us. The love, the frustration, the love, the sadness, but always above all the love.

  2. I'm so glad that this encouraged you! Yay!

  3. I love the part where you said. "Parenting shows me just an ounce of the perfect love that God has for His children." So true and so amazing!


  4. I just had my third in December, and probably just now when I take all three of them out do I actually feel like I have a handle of this mom thing. But it still comes and goes. I think that is one of the things I like the most about parenting - it requires constant engagement and learning.

  5. Sophie the Giraffe is a staple in our house too. I have just found your blog and I am looking forward to reading more. I have a little girl who has just turned 16 months old.


  6. Wow, you're 3rd! I'm sure that is quite a jump, now that you're outnumbered :) Thanks for the encouragement, it's good to hear from mom's who are more experienced than I am.

  7. Thanks Ashley! I hope this is something I can continue to remember.

  8. Katie, thank you so much! Your little one is so sweet, and your blog is SO cute! I love it. Isn't Sophie great? :) She's a favorite around here!


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